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QUOTE (Sonic Team)

Online Abuse -- Action is Being Taken!
Sonic Team will be taking appropriate legal and other action against users who are in violation of the PSO Terms of Service. Specifically, there have been cases of users spamming the lobbies and causing games to crash. These actions are unacceptable. Sega regrets the inconvenience and trouble this small minority has caused the PSO Community. You can take comfort that we are listening to your calls and are monitoring the logs to ensure the best possible experience for everyone!

Reporting Abuse

When reporting user abuse, please report all the information you can, including:

Location: Ship and Block.
Time of offense: PLEASE USE PSO IN-GAME TIME! [From XX:XX to XX:XX and date]
Username: EXACTLY how it appears onscreen: pay close attention to caps and text symbols. Please include your username as well.
Guild Card numbers: Theirs and yours. This is very helpful, although we realize this can be hard to get.

Optional: Screenshot of the offending complaint [For symbol chat/language]

Aheh yeah as soon as I read this my BS detector went off the charts. When is the last time ST has even monitored pso? Even if they did start monitoring it they would have to ban about half the people who play their game because there are a lot of lame spammer/cheater people who play this game.
No way they're going through with this. I still remember back in the day when Nova would spam that cock symbol in antares, and Bruce Lee's garbage. Not to mention Anthony and the SSJ's still supposedly running about.
What are you guys talking about? Have you guys played PSO lately? They banned a couple of people already. Some receiving 125 hour bans.
Well the PSO population has dropped dramatically anyway. Which could explain "they would have to ban about half the people who play their game because there are a lot of lame spammer/cheater people who play this game."
Though not anything drastic, they are doing something about it.
Probably not for long beigelaugh.gif

~players monitoring other it just me, or does that seem to follow the path of a Narc? S-team may as well create a digital security force for the lobbies (controlled by real employees), designed to keep the peace from insidious hackers.. ;p


actually, i'm surprised that idea hadn't been considered sooner.. =.
Hmm...I read about this a few weeks ago; you people are slow on the uptake. beigelaugh.gif

I haven't seen as many spammers as I used to, but it seems like a bunch of Vega n00bs have moved onto Deneb...

Oh! and don't forget about Dancer! The amazing purple FOmarl who does nothing but dance the night away. rotflol.gif If you ever needed a break, just sit back and let watch her dance her cares away.
Good times.
Hrm... while this is a good idea on the surface. It's only good if we (society) all got along and had the same ideas as what is and what is not acceptable behavior. If I am goofing around, in an empty ship / block, and swearing like a sailor with my friends, who's to say that I won't get banned by someone walking into it with knowing what's going on?
What's offensive to one may not be offensive to another.
Although, I am not worried about any of this because this is all harmless and easily avoided. It's the FSOD and server destroyer assholes who I am concerened with. And it seems to me that is what ST is trying to deal with here.
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