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Full Version: New Zelda on gamecube
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Login: golin
Pass: harris

Check out the Zelda GCN shit...holy cow.

As if Wind Waker wasn't fucking amazing in its own right, this game looks like the fucking real deal.

Lots of other good info in there, too.

Nintendo DS looks interesting, a few good titles on it, I just hope it doesn't cost a shitload.
Thanks for the post up! It looks incredible! :D
Oh my god, that'

Damn.... About bloody time, its friggin awesome

on a side note anybody can see it from the nintendo homepage
Here's a link for a video of Zelda.
Wow. That video is simply badass and the graphics are amazing. That's one game I'm definitely picking up.
I'm glad they got rid of the cartoony kid link look. This is one I'll have to check out.
hey! I like that cartoony look. beigesmile.gif
but this video looks way bad ass.
Damn the GCN can do some pretty things when properly designed to.

oh yeah, that first link is not Safari friendly btw. Bad nintendo web people!
Zelda pwns
See, now this is what the hell I'm talkin' bout! I can't wait to get this one, it looks really interesting.
I don't know what to say...
The Zelda series has been so well-done over the ages, and it's only getting better.
I'll be counting down the days for this one.
Never played the first GC Zelda game (just a demo), but this one looks quite promising.
Oh shizzle, Links goin' old school with a new, badass look!
Horosha Onikage
Oh yeah. beigebigeek.gif

This is something I'll really be looking forward to. :D Btw, is it just me, or does Link in this Zelda rendition look even older than the OoT adult Link, especially with that chainmail under the tunic?
This thread reminded me that I have never played the Zelda: Wind Waker game before so I bought it. Man, this is one fun game. I should have bought it when it came out! It's one of those games that can easily zap away 1/2 your day without you even being aware (or caring). I have read that some people think that it's too short. How can that be? I have only gone thru 2 1/2 dungeons (islands) and I have already spent like 6-8 hours, and there are many many more islands to go. Not to mention just general exploring around. There seems to be like 100's or smaller places to go! Not to mention revisiting the main islands after picking up new items to allow you to reach out of reach or hidden areas.
btw - anyone pick up the Four Swords for the GBA? or getting the original remake for the GC when it comes out?
I preordered the GC version and my son got a free tshirt with it...(only cause it wouldn't fit me...)

The review of that in GameInformer looks like fun...another "You need a GBA to play" tho, and we only have 2 in the house...
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