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Full Version: Final Fantasy XV
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So is we getting FF 15 or is we getting FF 15. I haven't been this hyped about a final fantasy game since 8. I've been getting all into the lore and even went to see a limited showing of the Kingsglaive movie while I was living in Cali. Also the Conan clueless gamer segment on it was hilarious. I'm pretty excited for this game.

New Trailer

Conan clueless gamer if you haven't seen it:

Vitamin D
Haha that Clueless Gamer segment was A+. But yeah, excited for the game too. Played both demos and just want to play the full game now megaman-run.gif
What's this? A post that isn't a Russian spam bot?

But yeah I played the first demo and I liked it, looking forward to the game and to have something to play during the off raid nights.
Yeah I can't wait. Day 1 for me. I am going into this one fairly blind btw. So hoping for the best.

Edit: Also who does forums anymore? You guys interested in Apocalypse Tribe Facebook group or Discord server?
My conundrum, Xb1 or PS4 version. The XB1 is the S model and the PS4 is the original model, so I'm leaning more to the XB1 version but I haven't seen any comparison videos with the S yet, just the old XB1 to the PS4 and PS4P. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

Aside, I'm down with a FB group, I know a bunch still use skype for chatting, but discord could be handy too.
I'll be getting it after I wrap up classes in 2 weeks. I don't need the distraction.

Isn't game performance the same on an Xbox one and the one s? It's just the UI and video playback that is moroved on the S to my knowledge.

Digital foundry showed that the Xbox version has a more consistent and near perfect 30fps performance, but it runs at 900p compared to 1080 on the PS4. But both the PS4 and PS4 pro are having frame stuttering problems so it's not as smooth as the bone version. Seems like a toss up really.
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