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Full Version: psu gallery..
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i decided to post this here to download for any & all PsO zealots that want to use them; these are from the gallery of images that Dive posted the day before - enjoy.. at-emote1.gif

edit* - all avatars removed.. ^^
June 7th, 6:55 pm

all are at the 150x150 px limit; i'll keep these up for a time & i'll post to let everyone know when i plan to take these down.. ^^

edit* - added #16 ^^.
Good ol' DivA!
Always there with a helping hand, or image in this case.

i gotta say, I love the horns on that one lady. Horns beat cat ears anyday!
Hell yeah, this is great stuff. Thanks DivA.
Muhahaha. Sweet, I've gotta new avatar now~

*huggles Diva*
*names the girl with horns Devil Ether*

Very nice pictures!
I'll add these to the ATHQ Avatar Gallery soon, then you can simply choose them from there, and not use DivA's bandwidth.

Thank you DivA!
greetings, all..

approximately 48 hrs from this post is when i will take these avatars down - to make room for other creations i'm currently working on - so if you have any intention of using these for future, then consider this the final call to download them..

ja' ;)
I'll be sure to add them to the gallery by then.

Thanks DivA
Thanks DivA...maybe I will choose a new avator soon...until I get my capture card up for a HUcaseal photo shoot...hehe.

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