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Full Version: Where does the time go?
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I thought i was going to have some hardcore gametime this weekend, then work stepped in, and then sleep stepped in.....boy do i hate the unfairness sometimes beigebigrazz.gif
Hey, do what you gotta do man. RL events step in all the time and it's understandable. I'm probably going to be doing a lot of work during the summer, which is usually the ideal time for partying.
Yea... Sometimes I wish I had the ability to slow down time so that I can get everything I wanted to do done. Or just be super fast so that I can do everything really fast. I've noticed time seems to move even faster when you know something sucky is taking place on a certain day. =/
man if i was able to play FFXI as long as my work day feels.. i would have like 7 lev 75 characters..

and i only work 2-4 hours a
Time goes to the same place that the missing sock from the dryer goes...
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