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Full Version: Look who dropped by..
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
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user posted image

It was a bish to get into the lobby C1 he was staying at, too. Morons wanted to see him EVERY TIME, not allowing unfortunates to get snapshots. I was a lucky one. SONIC came in to help with the EGM promotion and Quest, for some reason, this quest is supposed to encourage US and JP players to work together, not exactly sure why.. o.O
interesting.. & of course, this always happens when i'm offline.. =/

i'm surprised that S-team doesn't develop other archetypes for the lobby; besides sonic, it would really be something to see NiGHTS hovering or flying in the air..
Umm..can someone just tell me what is in the pics? Cause I can't see them. beigemad.gif
I'm guessing Sonic?
Yeah, you guessed right.
It's Sonic standing in an EP3 lobby surrounded by onlookers.
Did you ever see him when he was in EP1&2 a few times?
Basically it's the same thing.
He's a short little dude compared to the PSO people.
Odd the way Tails or Knuckles didn't show up.
Hmm...sadly no, I haven't had the chance to meet the blue dude.
That would be nifty though. What exactly does he do? Just advertise or something? beigelaugh.gif
He takes pics with people ;x
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