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So yeah, after hearing so many positve comments of CoH I finally took the plunge and bought it. I needed a change of pace and this is definitely providing it. I think it was Jazzyfox that called CoH "A no bullshit MMORPG" and that is pretty much spot on.

Face paced. No sitting to regen health, it regens no matter what you are doing. no quests to get around faster, just take the tram ... and it's free! No farming for days on end to buy stuff because there is no equipment to buy. You can even take on multiple bad guys and you feel strong. In fact there are no real timesinks, just playing the game, killing baddies, and it's fun.

Six months from now I may have a different opinion, but for now this is keeping me happy.

On to the pictures!

My first character was a Gravity/ radiation control named Diminutive Fury. He's four feet tall and holds bad guys with gravity. Hurls cars, forklifts and other such object to smash em up.

Say hi Diminutive Fury!

user posted image

My second character is named Dogface. I wanted a WW2 themed character with Ice powers and this 8 foot mutant behemoth is the result.

Give everyone a thumbsup, Dogface.

user posted image

Dogface and Green Fusion, killing baddies~!

user posted image

My final character was so much fun to create. Samus from Metroid. I messed around for hours with the character tools to get these results and am very happy. She's a an energy blaster with traps. I'm going to give her super speed later on (trying to keep the metroid theme). As soon as I logged on I had a high level character following me around for an hour, watching out for me, calling me master and bowing before me. I've also had a few pics taken. I'm so proud!

My early attempts

Look mean for the camera, Samus:

user posted image

A shots of Samus in action.

user posted image

So that's it for now.


Justice server

-Diminutive fury
Guardian server
From what I've read, the game gets boring after a week ago, killing the same thugs over and over and over.

Your Samus design is freaking awesome though beigebiggrin.gif
Thanks for the compliment.

Actually It doesn't really get old, because I'm not killing the same mob over and over again. I'm traveling to lots of locations, and never camping anything. If I wanted to compare this game to something, I'd have to say this is like a MMORPG version of PSO. Best of all, It's almost fast paced enough to make you think you're playing a twitch based game. Next to no downtime and since almost all characters are meant to stand on their own, who is in your party doesn't really matter ... one person, two people, five people, whatever ... it's all about tactics and strategy.

Best thing they did was the sidekick system. Have a friend 10 levels lower than you? Make him your sidekick and he becomes useful as long as he's close by.

A couple more pics:

user posted image

user posted image


I'm not sure how this game will pan out in the long run, but for now I'm having a blast.

I'm playing on Guardian as well, name is Caduto. It's a pretty fun game if you dont try an over play it. Probably the best game (like this) to be able to log on for an hour or two have some fun then log off.
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