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Full Version: What's your worst characteristic?
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Vengance; I am a VERY vengeful person. Sometimes it gets me into bad situations that could be avoided, but I'm to stubborn to get over it x_x What's your worst trait?
~mine would be, skepticism..

in thought, i'm open to all possibilities ~ that is, of course, until one (few or many..) zealously claims something as "absolute" truth over all other views; then that's where my fault tends to shine brighter.. ^^; *reflects* now that i think about it, perhaps that's not so bad; while i tend to be a dreamer at times, my sense of skepticism aids in preventing me from losing myself completely into something..
Short temper, which is rare, but not a pretty sight.

Takes a lot to get me mad, so don't worry. beigelaugh.gif
I would say that it's my Hope that's my worst Characteristic.

Hope for human beings in general. I let people walk all over me cause I carry the hope that one day people will wake up and realize what they are doing and change for the better.

So far no luck.

But I still have hope.
Self expanitiory.
Yay, Diva, we win!

Skeptic, born and raised.

I'm a cynic when it comes to a lot of things
Let's see... I'd have to say procrastination. If it were a religion, I'd be the pope. Another is that I have a propensity for leaping before I look.
I have a tie between three things.1) Pessimism (I'm a die hard pessimist) 2) Low Self Esteem 3) Being TOO nice to people sometimes.
hehe im a HUGE procrastinator...

also im so freaking optimistic (i think this is the one..) where you see the glass half empty instead of full? yeah that me.. i always think the worst is gonna happen.. hence my lack of experience with women beigebigrazz.gif

also according to scandave (he posts at TA) i make a ton of suppose all three of these things tie together quite

oh but im still kick ass and love life ..etc (this is in no way like a stupid imma kill myself type thing.. these are just obvious faults :D and who doesnt have them?)
i procrastinate more than anything, i dont think there's ever been a time where i havent put something off till the last minute lol
Characteristic that I hate most about myself: I can be very irresponsible at times.

Characteristic that others dislike most would probably be: I'm too principled and hold my convictions too highly, which often makes me despise people just because they hold certain character traits I'm philosophically against.
QUOTE (Omar @ May 22 2004, 09:25 AM)

also according to scandave (he posts at TA) i make a ton of suppose all three of these things tie together quite

*nods* buttrock.gif
Vitamin D
I have a horrible sense of direction. >_<'s REALLY bad. I'd say my sense of direction is as bad as Ryoga from Ranma 1/2 fame. That and I procrastinate too.
I'm pretty bad at holding what some would call grudges; you make a bad first impression on me and it's really hard for me to get past it.
And I'm also pretty bad at assuming I'm always right...
really need to work on that. beigesleep.gif
I can do 3.

1. I'm always right, at least I think that. it turns out I usually am.

2. Egotisism
I'm a leo. I play the part very well.

3. Directionlessness
I tend to never plan ahead. While this makes life interesting quite often it often leads to me being poor, depressed, tired, poor, lonely, poor, ending up stranded in odd places, and did I mention poor?
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