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Full Version: Just a doodle
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Just a mithra I doodled in class...I know it sucks >.<
Oh man, what are you kidding? Thats awesome! Its so stylish, and you definitly captured the cat-like persona in her face.
In class... hmm, computer class? It looks like a vector line drawing. But no way does it suck. Merodi, I'm very impressed!
Awww. it's adorable, silly. (Sketch my ass. beigebiggrin.gif)
(No, not the part, I'm saying I can't believe it's a sketch.)
Yep, you're right. I love the sketchy flowing style vector based flash line art looks. I was in a comp class and was bored by the lecture, so I decided to doodle. I was thinking, maybe I could make some FFXI comics, but I dunno...I get wary on my art >.< But I'm glad ya guys think it looks okay ^^;
QUOTE (Merodi @ May 20 2004, 05:39 PM)
Just a mithra I doodled in class...I know it sucks >.<

~my entire existence revolves around drawing; of all the years attending "art" school, your sketch is far better than many others that practice professionally..


& no, i'm not kidding; it's quite good & brings ~ inspiration.. at-emote1.gif
Very nice...i whish i could "doodle" like that hehe ;)
QUOTE (Merodi @ May 20 2004, 05:39 PM)
user posted image

I know it sucks >.<

OMGWTFLIES! beigebiggrin.gif That's really good Merodi, I wish I had half the drawing skill of that.
I don't know how you would think this picture "sucks". It is indeed very stylish and uniquie. It has that Acrylic Artist pen ink feel to it. I thought thats what it was, intill you stated it was a computer drawing. How exactly did you draw this, with a light-pen? In any case its a really good "doodle" . But I know how it is, theres no harder critic in this world then yourself. Good Job Merodi.
Horosha Onikage
I'd have to agree with everyone here. For such a fast sketch, it's pretty good.

Don't be so hard on yourself, my friend. ;)
Yeaaaa, it's really good.
I know I couldn't do that in 5 minutes.
Props to Merodi! buttrock.gif
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