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A server maintanence under went tonight, taking down the horrid EGM quest for the less horrid Game Gather quest Ripples (with banners included!). The banners, although distracting, are a nice change of pace from the boring Sil'fer/EGM banners, aside from the ones ON THE FLOOR!!

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Continue reading for more quest info:



The quest is for 2 human players:

Player 1
Player 2
??? Hunter FOnewearl - Fine Food!
??? Arkz HUmar - Powerfull 1

Match Length: 30 Minutes
Dice Min: 3
Dice Max: 5
Common HP: set to 20

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This takes place on a small version of Molae Venti, with two barriers set in it, making it smaller still. The two use Techdecks; Arkz using basic Al Rappy, Evil Shark, and Deldepths, and the FOnewearl using Club of Zumiuran, Wands, and Hildebears cane. They used only simple techs, and gifoie/rafoie during the two matches I played, but thier main annoyance comes from thier defense cards. They use Companions, Counters, and even Counter +. AP Absorbtion and Tech Field are two assists I saw them play. Very annoying if you allow them to get thier stratagy off the ground.

After your victory, you will be rewarded with the Game Gather card: (click on the pic for stats)

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Good luck, and enjoy!

As a note: Do not play this quest on JP servers if you are on the US version. All you will see are random symbols and junk. It's funny, but annoying after a while.
Hahaha of course the stupid school computers wont let me link to any of that but I guess I will just have to get that card when I get home.
Man I totally forgot about this. Too busy playing Blue Burst beigelaugh.gif
Heh, it took me a while to realize why the JP ships were deserted last night. For one scary moment, I actually thought PSO had fallen that fast. beigebigeek.gif
Never wanna see that agian. beigesleep.gif
As for the epIII stuff: cool, nice, but it really doesn't have anything to do with me so meh.
Was planning on doing that after a Tourney I was in with a couple of friends, but I have my first d/c from Ep.3 ever. I'm not sure if it racked up 1 in my Disconnects, because if so, It'd be W:195 D:1. :/

I've got to get this quest done, for sure.
hmn i might have to get on to get this card
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