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Full Version: Does anyone still play EP I&II
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I've been wanting to get back into Episodes I & II, but I don't know where any AT members play. I play with TA sometimes on Episode III, but I prefer killing things to playing a card game x_x Where is everyone?
No one really hangs out in one block anymore but whenever we hit up Ep.I&II, we're usually in Antares 5. I'll be on tonight if you wanna slay some Boomas.

Donkeys right.
I like to start out on ANT 5, but if it's baren I might pop over to another ship and take my chances in *gasp* an open game.

You say your on tonight? Sign me up! I will search you guys out and we can pop a booma like a hot beer can sittin in the sun for too long.
I'll be on tonight as well,look for my HUcaseal Ann=Dro...i think i have all your cards still....even HC,i think it's Dyne and/or Muffty right?
woot an unofficial gathering. Ill sure as hell be there tonight.
Is this on GC or XBox??
Gamecube. spinning.gif
Hey Nyn....what's up with Voodoo? it's been down for me since last evening =(
~no promises, but if time is on my side today, then i'll be sure to make the journey to Ant 5; just as soon as i remember how to re-activate my HL.. ;p
Hey guys, I've actually been leveling up my new HUmar offline (my old card fugged up and all the data got wiped).
He's lvl 40 now, so I won't be joining in any VH or Ulty games..but heck I'll come on tonight to hang out.
QUOTE (Riel @ May 25 2004, 09:57 AM)
Hey Nyn....what's up with Voodoo? it's been down for me since last evening =(

I have a call into the guy who runs our's all sites on that server.

Back to the topic...GC huh...mayhaps I need to renew my HL...
Vitamin D
Episode I and II tonight then? Tight, I'll try and make it. shades.gif
With this many victims, we can do Ep.II c-mode beigelaugh.gif
A gathering! This rocks people!

DivA - get that HL on!
Nyn - You too!
Kaz - No worries! We all have characters all over the level range. My main guy is 46.
Riel - awesome!
AC9 - too cool for school!
Donkey - ditto!
Frosty - look what you started!
The rest - get it!

ANT 5 - 10:30ish cst
That's when I'm on anyway.
You can bet you ass I'll be there!! buttrock.gif
I knew there was a good reason why I came on here today. ^_^
what's cst compared to est? Heh, an hour behind? I think so, but best to be sure.
And i'd love to get epII c-mode going again; I just made a HUcaseal mainly for that purpose.
PLEASE bring Ultimate characters. I'll try to renew my HL....
I don't know who muffy is, maybe another FOnewearl. I'll stop on later tonight. It'll be like old times.
wow, if I ever figure out my password to get my HL I may get on sometime...if not I might even go out to buy a new pso and start over =X
Let me be the first to say what a good time I had last night. We had 9 maybe 10 people on last night. We went thru Mines and Ruins - Falz never had a chance! and then we split into teams and did EP2 C1. Damn, that is a long cmode! beigesmile.gif
Thanks to everyone who came on. Let's not have this be a one time event!
Heck, I can easily get on Ep. I & II these days. Just contact me via IM or such to set a time, and I'll try to work my way there for you guys, as my HL has been active since January.
~truly, last night was uber-cosmic - lots of players showed; it was very synchronistic that many arrived at around the same time...& i finally remembered how to play too.. ^^;

c-mode = (teamwork + live!) x psow map ;p
Theres nothing better then some good'ol c-mode for the soul. Yea, we had an EP2 c-mode race going on. Yea we would have beaten donkeys team but we felt bad for them and decided to let them win. beigeroll.gif I hope we get to see those pics soon. beigesmile.gif
Darn i guess you guys all go on too late...i was on and off from 8 to almost 11 last evening and all i saw was AC,who came in to say hi in the game i made but had to go AFK for a long time after hehe...ah well,next time.
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ May 26 2004, 10:39 AM)
Theres nothing better then some good'ol c-mode for the soul. Yea, we had an EP2 c-mode race going on. Yea we would have beaten donkeys team but we felt bad for them and decided to let them win. beigerolleyes.gif I hope we get to see those pics soon. beigesmile.gif

Too bad we missed you Riel... have no fear though. A spark was born! I have a good feeling that this won't be the end.

AC9's right. We let them win.
Thay also cheated... I am sure of it.

and.. pics? Did I miss them? I had an emergency pop up and I had to run away for a bit. EEK!
Heh, last night was uber cool. buttrock.gif
Scu, don't worry, we got you in some pictures too; we all relocated to your spot. ^_^
I say we start c2 at the exact time (via mail) and we can wager on who will win. beigelaugh.gif
Give c-mode yet another twist to make it more interesting.
Hope we can do this again soon.
Whatever dudes. We had Kazicht in our team. You guys had no chance. guns.gif
Haha, last night was indeed good times. Thanks all for schooling me through ep2 C1. It sure was long!
Tagging along on DJ's tail and swinging at at everything in our path was hella fun beigebiggrin.gif
HUmars can represent too! buttrock.gif

If you guys wanna, I'm up for this again tonight. I'll be online the same time as last night.
People still play PSO Episode I & II? =o Count me in whenever. I'm sure some of you still have my card (Riel & DJ Donkey =T). I still need to hit level 200 anyway... 10 more levels, heh. And, btw... I'm muffy. shades.gif
Hmmmm.... I remember having an <ATB> in my card list. Dunno if that's you or not.
Yip, that's me. Smallest HUcaseal configuration possible. =] I just couldn't put '< >' in my signature, heh. I think I remember you... ZEOTA, perhaps? beigelaugh.gif
Hey Mufft0y,nice to hear from you again...i started playing a bit again,but it's really quiet in the lobbies...i'l try and be on this week around 9 EST for an hour or so.
Hey, Riel... Yeah, nice hearing from you again too. I stumbled upon this thread randomly and figured I'd register. I didn't even know there was an AT website. I'm out of the loop... People don't tell me these things. beigelaugh.gif Anyway, that's cool. I play every so often... When there are ACTUAL people online worth playing with. =] I'll try to be online and make it.
Correct you are. ZEOTA was me. Man it's been a while!
greetings, mufft0y - welcome to ~athq.. at-emote1.gif

yea, some of us are still faithfully addicted to the PsO legacy; though more often i play offline than online, mainly just taking time to unlock everything & hopefully reach level 200 on GC.. however, if there are decent folks playing - then i'm game to play a decent online run & give falz a good stomping on its forehead..


my main is RAmarl & i specialize in walking silently, paralyzing all baddies blocking my path ~ c-yu online.. ^^
For this month, I'm currently hanging on the AT block(altair 5-7) starting from 11:00 or 11:30 PM(EST). I usually game for a few hours intill I pass out(like 1:30 or 2:00AM).

All the AT games are locked, though. If anyone is up around this time and wants to join in on the fun, just send a PM my way and I'll give you the pass(assuming you don't know the usual AT pass).
Wow, I'm good... I didn't even look at your profile until NOW. ^~^ It was a complete guess. Well, not entirely... Because, I remembered you from Voodoomoose. =b But, yeah... It's been a while man. I took a LONG hiatus from PSO. I need a break every so often to keep myself entertained with it. beigelaugh.gif

DivA, thanks for the welcoming. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay! =]
Did I miss change? Is everyone saying that Ant 24-05 is the ship now?
I though it was always ALtair 22-05-07.

Either there are other people meeting in there now or...I don't know some people that I just ran into earlier today. Someone let me know if that is you!

Just hit LV85. I am happy. Ult here we go...if I can find a decent team to join...that is.

Good teams are so hard to find these days.

Anyways, I have been floating around JP/Mintaka, JP/Alcyone 06, Vega 01, Vega 02, and Deneb 09. Just trying to find some nice team. It is a shame that most players are now hacking or terribly tweaking their character data.

This saddens me to see this all happen recently.

I am trying to get back in my challenge shape. I have been away from PSO much too long and have lost my ability to play challenge mode worth beans (for TA anyways). I am always looking for a practice (non JP TA) room to join into in Alcyone 06.

Anyway, I have been spending much more time in PSO lately.
I have basically decided that FFXI is "not my game."

FFXI seems to be the devil around here with all the problems that it can stir up. It is really not the game...but it is amazing what it does to people on the phycological level. I have seen this a little in PSO but not to this extent. Some people may just need to sit back and take a deep breath and say..."it is only a game!"

PSO...there is something about that game that keeps me coming back. I rarely see anyone from AT in PSO anymore. It is a shame.

For those of you who do not know...I have a different HL now. I am using PSO+ so my guild card has changed. I no longer have access to my domestic HL and it's characters online. I have discontinued that license. For those of you who I can find I will be happy to give guild cards to.

I am mostly into challenge games, but lately been playing leveling since my challenge skill has increadibly dropped. I only completed EP2C1, C2, and C3 because of friends inviting me to games on Alcyone. I do not feel confident enough to join games as I do not know the EP2 stages. Anyway, besides that I am up for challenge play, especially EP1.

With that...someone come back to PSO! It is quite lonely in there with no good players to play with. All I can find is scrub FOs and HUmars that use BKBs....

EDIT: I will probly regret this but I will leave choice search on...becuase I respond better to mail then just lobby talking...I am not always looking at the screen. Send a mail instead!

Vitamin D
The PSO population has declined dramatically, but not to the point that I'll stop playing. For the most part, there are usually people I can play with always on when I log on, wether it be on EP II or III I get a good amount of playtime. The way things are looking, I won't quit PSO for a Loooong time. shades.gif Oh, and hey mufft0y, I remember chillin with you on PSO before, been a while. beigebigrazz.gif
Well, I went on last night at around 9:30 p.m. CST to see if anyone was on. That was a no-go. ._. Maybe I'll try again tonight.

D, yeah... It's been quite a while. Surprised you even remember who I am. Then, again... You should! We've played all the way back to DC PSO Version 2 days. I've been around PSO FOREVER! beigelaugh.gif
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