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Full Version: Wonderment
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Marche sat under a tree near the main square in Ivalice quietly reading a pamphlet he had picked up.
"How to cast a better Firaga." Marche said aloud, reading the pamphlet title. "This ought to be worth a read."
A few minutes later, Montblance strolled up.
"Kupo! What are you reading?"
"Um... nothing." Marche mumbled quickly hidding the pamphlet behind his back.
"Kupo! I just saw you reading something and now you hid it from me. What the hell?" yelled Montblanc quickly darting to the side of Marche to see what he was holding.
"Back off you dirty cotton ball! Get away from me!" Marched shouted as he pushed Montblanc away.
Montblanc rolled two or three feet before coming to a dusty stop.
"Haha!" laughed Marche in the cruelest laugh he could muster. "Serves you right."

Uhhhh.....short form FFTA fan fiction?
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Jun 1 2004, 09:54 PM)
Uhhhh.....short form FFTA fan fiction?

awesome from of FFTA fanfiction :D
Marche and Montblanc were tired from their long journey.
"Kupo, my feet hurt. Can we rest a bit?" asked Montblanc.
"Sure." replied Marche. "I could use a drink as well."
Sitting down on a near by rock, Marche reached over and grabbed the canteen out of Montblancs pack. He unscrewed the cap and raised it to his mouth.
Nothing happened.
"Um." mumbled Marche.
He glanced over at Montblanc who was playing in the dirt with a stick.
"UMM!" he said, in a tone much louder than before.
Montblanc stopped playing with the stick and slowly raised his glance up to meet Marche's eyes.
"Oh, yeah." replied Montblanc. "There's no more water. I poured it out after you wouldn't give me that last piece of gum back there on Strata Hill."
"You did what?" Marche yelled back. "That was over ten miles ago and we still have more then ten more to go!"
Marche hurled the canteen at Montblanc grazing his puffy face.
"You ass! It's over one hundred degrees out here!"
"You should have given me the gum, kupo." Montblanc replied.
Quickly Marche reached into his pack and grabbed the sharpest thing he could find. It was a bent fork but it would still do the trick...
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