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Full Version: midnight run.. >=)
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greetings.. ^^

with all the changes that are taking place as of late - me thinks a good, standard run online to stomp falz's head is recommended.. i'll be online tonight, the title above indicates what room i'll name - from forest to ruins proper, those that wish to join are welcomed to do so..

& who knows, we just "might" some treasure worth keeping ~ c-yu online.. at-emote1.gif
DivA, you sly princess.
I thought you'd be there last night, but alas...
If you can wait until 10:30 cst (or around then) before you start, you can count on me!
I'm on 11:00pm EST, so is Kaz. Sheik is usually on 11:30pm EST.
I'll be there... or at least try =T

Vitamin D
I'm interested, I'll log on if I can. shades.gif
Grr...this isn't fair. My stupid HL just ran out and for some reason it hasn't been reactivated yet. And it has been paid for. I haven't been able to get on since Sunday night. cry2.gif
Hope you have fun anyways.
Wish I could make it... But, unfortunately my early morny work schedule just won't permit it. D= Mebbe another midnight run on Friday night, peoples? ^~^
Hey, great game all...nice to play with nice people for once!
I can say...excellent support~ Been a long time since I have seen a FO that can acutally support or a CAST that can trap!

Thanks and lets do again sometime.
Darn, I am in Alcyone 06 and I forgot I left "choice search" bad. I just got a mail!

Okay, see ya all online~^^
indeed, the PsO fires are burning strong & true tonight...this was excellent fun; may these fires of the online experience never falter - switch get!! at-emote1.gif


& who knows, maybe tomorrow night - we'll reach ruins.. ^^;
omg, great find tonight - monomate at mines.. ;p

cosmic - time for sleep *zzz* -,-
I was surprised at how many people logged on. Usually I tend to just go after a few hours, but we gamed like mad the entire night.

We all used the Purple ring in our games. They are the rings that cause your DFP to raise up for each member wearing it, and let me tell you...

DAMN, that is some sick 4-way DFP

With all four of us wearing the rings, our DFP shot up waaaaay above the highest level shields. It put my tripolic shields DFP to shame. What is so great is that hearts shoot out as you play. It was a little fruity at first, but then we realized...

AT lubin' all night long

So, for future reference: 4 way Purple Ring = teh pwnage.
QUOTE (HC82 @ Jun 3 2004, 10:34 AM)
So, for future reference: 4 way Purple Ring = teh pwnage.

yea, purple ring is my favorite (hence, my favorite color.. ^^) & i use the white ring sometimes too, but not as often as purple; but, finding folks online to match powers is far & between sometimes...but they do hold great power when coupled en-force' ~ also, they look good too.. ;p
QUOTE (DivA @ Jun 3 2004, 01:46 AM)

omg, great find tonight - monomate at mines.. ;p

That was the best monomate I've ever seen though. It was about as useful as that Justy. sniperer.gif

I do have a purple ring, so just tell me if you want to take them out. But like HC82 said, it's gotta be a team effort otherwise the Earring stays on. ^_^
I been killing my school study with PSO lately~~~I need to take a break. Playing 5~8 hours during the weekdays is not healthy for school...haha. I will be around again shortly...gotta get some school studies and other priorities out of the way first.

In the mean time...just go ahead and pass me in levels! hehe. At least I am in ULTIMATE...and can sometimes find a friend to play with.

I still can't believe I level played with a friend from Alcyone in Altair 05 (a US ship!) friend played with a HUnewearl and turned out to be great with support...very good with support. We did ULT forest and caves...and the caves boss only 2 of us at level 81 or so...if I remember correctly. Fun stuff. Playing the game at the appropriate level without "tweaking" your stats. It just sucks when you tweak stuff!

matane (see you again!)
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