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Full Version: Majoring in mmorpg... (!?)
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I was over at the arcade and happenend across a truely amazing article. Its quite long but really well worth your time to read. I recommend everyone here reads it.

A brief synopsis on the article is that a an out of work economist starts researching the economies in his favorite past time, videogames and finds some very startling results. Something about this reminds me of .hack. There is a deeper message from everything reported here but the answer seems to eludes me. TAke a look for yourself heres the link.

More then just a game?
A good read, indeed. It's almost kind of sad what people are willing to do to be uber. It also brings into question the value that people place on objects and that relates to many things in our society as a whole.

Anyway, it's fucked up in general and that is that.
That was a great article. Even though it was long, I enjoyed reading it. I wonder if FFXI will become like that one day...
This trend looks like it's here to stay. I'm tempted to try and pawn off Zengarr, though I doubt i'd get very much.

*sings along to the Ojays*

long live the online experience! at-emote1.gif funny that you mentioned that, AC9 ~ first thing that came to mind was .hack// *sigh* now if that were to be made for online play *prays for a ps3 release* i'm there...but that's another topic, back to topic.. ^^; this article is amazingly deep & many parts of it hold truth - we can "indeed" learn lots from the virtual worlds & the economy templates they create...i know that all these experiences have helped me greatly in life beyond the web - how to be responsible & strategic with my finances for one, & the drive to improve my standard of living for two..

& i can relate in perfect accord to that one part : hey, i live at Pioneer 2 - but sometimes, i manage to leave temporarily to handle "RL" issues before coming back.. ;p

definitely interesting *goes back to reading* ;o
Interesting reading...I spent about 30 mintues or so reading the article. FFXI is maybe already in this form...but not quite in some of the extent that EverQuest is. Come to think of like FFXI and such are build on "virtual" economies and you can see what happens in a virtual economy...the same as the real world. When problems arrise it effects the games as problems do in the real world.
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