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Full Version: Break dancing
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Check this out guys
Soundwave superior, all others inferior

A Couple things though,

1. Let it play through once be for you listen to it, its a chopy stream, but d/l to the temp file

2. You may get a forbidden message, thats due to low bandwith, also try hitting the refresh button
That was cool. I was to be able to do a few of those tricks... Well not really. All I could do was 6 step the "1990" and pop lock. But just about anybody can pop lock now-a-days and 6 step is easy to learn. But yea man, that was the thing any of the transformers could change into. A boombox and a cassette. How sweet is that.
I finally got through the choked out bandwidth and watched this. Soundwave has got some moves beigelaugh.gif This kicks serious ass.

Here is an alternate location if the above link is down.
Oh man... that totally kicked ass.
Thanks for the alternate link, Dive.

Go Soundwave!
Go Soundwave!
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