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Full Version: Sayonara....
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As some of you know, I'll be on a 6-week vacation/school trip and won't be back till the first week in August. I may or may not have much in the way of net access. I'll be back home at around the first week of August. Let's see how quickly the time goes between now and then. Peace!
Safe trip!! Enjoy!
time is perceptive, & has this odd habit of playing with us now & then; but if this be holiday, then i'm sure you'll notice August right around the corner.. 0@

so until then, mr. DarkEpyon ~ be safe.. at-emote1.gif
Have fun dude, drop us a line in between. toast.gif
best of luck and have fun
Have Fun DE and be safe. teleport.gif
Hey, vacations are fun =o have a safe trip.
Enjoy. Have a great trip and we'll be happy to have you back when you are.
No, I'm not dead. Having fun here so far. There's a library here that allows me to check email and what not.
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