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Full Version: NEW Quest EP2-TTF
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
Sonic Jp region Newspage.

The laboratory has obtained enough data to compile a VR simulation of Gal Da Val Island. The new system is known as VES.
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In addition to the existing VR Spaceship and VR Temple, every location on Gal Da Val Island has been reproduced faithfully, right down to the enemies. This makes for a tough quest!
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At the end of each area, of course, an enormous boss appears! In order to reach the boss, as well as defeat it, co-operation with your teammates will be indispensable
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A rank will be gained after completing the mission, based on number of enemies destroyed, time taken to complete the mission, and number of team fatalities. Use all your knowledge and skills to aim for a high rank!
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Oh? It seems a secret is hidden in the VR system as well! It seems to be linked to a secret faction inside the laboratory, conspiring with a certain organisation...
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There are multiple ways to complete the quest, but please enjoy the battle that never ends!

Holy shizzle televizzle! New quest! For all you guys who cried about the nuked room in the mines TTF. Heres sega's reparation for that. Not only that but seems like sonic is actually giving us story too! =o This is truely a challenge that deserves the attention of the Tribe. We must see to it quickly that it is totally roxorz becuase EP2 aint nothing compared to EP1. WE NEED TO DOMINATE!!!!

DONKEY GET BACK ON PSO (for gamecube)!!! I NEED YOU !!!!!!!!! /cry
Damn that looks too cool. Shiho level 200 anyone?
I think I shall return for this, might I add why the fuk it took so long for them to get this out?
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jun 26 2004, 02:46 AM)
DONKEY GET BACK ON PSO (for gamecube)!!! I NEED YOU !!!!!!!!!  /cry

No YOU get back on PSO. beigeroll.gif
As for me, I been doing alot of offline and I'm pretty occupied with my new comp (w00t!)
I was on yesterday but no one was on... at least on Ep.I&II.
Anyway, I'll jump on this for sure. Makes you wonder what the prizes are hehe.
*will renew HL for another month*


EDIT: Oh, in case y'all didn't know, its this week. As in Monday night/Tuesday morning.
Vitamin D
Interesting...haven't logged on to PSO for a good while now (Damn Disgaea! beigelaugh.gif ) but this makes me wanna jump back in. Probably not tonight though...but soon.
I told Donkey and Linka That we eould be meeting up tonight to tackle this quest together. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. My friends girlfriend works at the local movie place so... He got me some tickets to go see the the First late night showing of Spiderman 2. I don't wanna be an ass and refuse so I won't be able to make it tonight to help you guys serve Olga. Sorry. bash.gif
Have fun at the movies, I'll still pop on at 12:00 central to see if any one is on
That sucks. At least we got a taste of it yesterday night.
I wouldn't say it was a hard quest... rather it was cheap (at least on Ultimate).
They used Ep.II c-mode maps in some of the areas which I thought "WTF?".
I don't blame ST for being lazy though...

Good game anyways =)

As for prizes: I've only read that you get a Custom ver.00 item depending on the path you take or the rank you get.
Also there's 30 items within the areas (6 in each) that you have to get.
Other than that, the whole quest is a mystery to me.
OMG guys guys!! LOOK!
user posted image

user posted image


Screw that I'm getting this quest done!!
WTF NEW RAER!? Thats it, Im not not gonna rest intill I gte this dam shield! megaman-run.gif
I'll try and be on this evening for a i have to play my HUcaseal a bit offline first though to get back in the groove though heh.
QUOTE (Adri @ Sega Boards)
well yesterday i spent like 3 hours with manny & a friend martin doing the new quest to see if the rumer about getting a black ring was true... it was false, BUT! we did get another item thats just as nice & u can even personlaze it. heres how u get it...

!st of u start the quest with all the great wu will need (it might help if i know the map & all the secret walls on each floor.) then as soon as u finish talking to the principal u go to P2 & talk to a gaurd that in hidden in the spot where the p-drop dude stands. make sure u only talk to him & then after u talk to him do not talk to anyone else, just go st8 to temple.

ok he will tell u to do a side quest where u colect 30 "WIS" items for him. there are 6 on every lvl & they are hidden well. make sure u get all 6 on every lvl b4 u finsh the lvl & go to the boss, cuz some will not appeare in the room to all the monsters are dead in that room,

also there is a hidden lvl with 6 "WIS" on it also to make the total 30, u need this lvl. in seabeds in the conor of one the huge rooms u will see a comp that ask u to open a path or close it, u need the path open. cuz it leads to the tower. thats where the final 6 are.

ok now there is a catch to this quest & a set order on how to get the WORKS GAURD, cuz after u finish the quest & go back to the gaurd he will take u to mets a very secial NPC named Leon. (i'm sure u will notice the cook cape & looks he has.) Leon will ask u a question & the way u answer, means if u get an item are not but the 1st time i did it i answered this... "No i don't" then he gave me a costom barrer & i left the quest.

but my friends & I got a costom frame on our second try & Leon asked a dif qestion were we answered "Yes I'm exited", so we tryed the qest one more time to see if he gove us a costom ray & he did with tey again a new qetion. & we chose the top choise (sorry forgot what the exact words where.) & after a few mins of looking at this wpn i noticed it had 50 % hit, & my friends did also.
so then we wanted to see what we get next, & as we did it he told of that we where like spl members of team oo & that he give us a spl item as a reward, the WORKS GAURD, in also he asked us to chose a # from 5,000 - 29,999 as a personal serial #.

also i'm not sure if u have to wear the tiems threw the quest but as soon as he gave me the items i equiped it & wore it threw the next time 7 then wore the next one & so on till i got the WORKS.but i do think u have to wear them when talking to him, so at lest equip them b4 u talk to the gaurd after getting all 30 "WIS". also we did this in ULT only cuz we tryed if in VH & only got a star atomizer.

also the WORKS where talked about in the soul of steal offline quest. so it has dome nice storyline in it for u if u want try it & get some nice light on the "Team 00" story also u get to see a very cool NPC (Leon is a RAmar in a purple cape).
Hmm well, as for the TTF2 quest I think it's a good quest...but Olga doesn't give you any exp. They cut you short on it. After you defeat him the sword drops like always blah blah, then your pictures come up, but only for a short while and you leave the area during the pictures. So I thought that was kinda cheap...
AC posted this at The Arcade
QUOTE ("AC9Breaker")
OH yea, for any of those Lurkers interested or Anyone here interested, here are the requirements to get the prize

Difficulty = Ultimate only
Collect all of the 30WIS
Clear time= Under 40 mins
Tower Clear time= Under 5 Mins
Deaths =  Under 4 Only

You have to do this 4 times to get  the WORKS guard.

First time you get a Custom Barrier
Second time you get a Custom Frame
Third Time you get a Custom Ray 00 With 50%Hit
Fourth time you get the Fabled WORKS GUARD

To access the WIS subquest, you must go and talked to the Muted soilder hiding in the Photon Drop shop area.(Little alley near the hospital)  If you want him to talk to you, you cannot talk to any other NPCs or you will not be able to recieve the subquest.

The credit for this Information goes to MALKAVIAN
Eh, not like anyone cares but...the minimum requirements for WORKS GUARD is level 14 and a plasma barrier owns it -_- Also the time glitch has been fixed I believe and Olga gives experience points now.
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