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Full Version: uh, this isn't me?
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So I was browsing through some deviantart stuff when I stumbled upon this little gem, h'okay..


Does anyone else have this problem? Are we doomed to stumble across people that make us look bad? :0 Itburnstheeyes!

I havethis nact for getting usernames that everyone else has, it's like somesort of crazzzzeh sickness.


p.s. omgupdate is 80%done!
I had the same problem when people first introduced me to livejournal. There was already some chumped named "Crushinator" on there, and his LJ was full of pictures of him FUCKING CUTTING HIS ARMS AND SHIT!

So I made an account named "Real_Crush" just so that my PSO buddies would stop adding him as a friend on accident. Of course I have since updated the LJ 3 times so.... yeah.
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