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Full Version: Spiderman 2
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I urge everyone to watch this movie! The action scenes alone kickass!
Watch it or watch The Hulk! guns.gif

Vitamin D
Indeed. In PSO terms, Spider Man 2 was a God/Ownage++ beigelaugh.gif Everything about it was just awesome. I'd reccomend it to ANYONE. Go. See. NOW.
Haha the hulk... Yea, this movie was really great. At first I thought the first ione was better, but after letting everything marinate in my head I realize that this movie was Awesome. I too recommend that everyone sees this movie. Also, I think I was just seeing things but I think I saw 2 big celebrites cameo there. Bruce Willis in the party, He was in the background and very blurry and, the guy from the TV show friends. Chandler Bing.
Just saw this last night. Doctor Octopus was awesome. I definately recommend watching this film on the big screen. beigesmile.gif
I also throughly enjoyed this movie, maybe even more than the first one.
Psshhhh this movie was EXCELLENT. Far better than the first one IMO =o it just kills me how they fit Stan Lee the guy who created Spider-Man and the Hulk and Captain America in all the Marvel movies beigebiggrin.gif although I havn't seen the Punisher so I dunno if he has a cameo in that =/
Bruce Willis???...ummm i know Bruce Campbell was there,he was the doorman at the play...just got back and i agree the movie was awesome.
This movie was awesome, I just saw it a couple days ago.
I'd also like too add, that ending had Spiderman 3 written all over it. So I really hope they make a third one.
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