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Full Version: FFXII coming 2005 ??
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couldnt sleep so i started taking a look through some old sites i have bookmarked and i came across this link Final Fantasy xii
dont know if anyone knew about this or not, just thought i post it in case any one was curious. U.S release date is 2005 for PS2.
I've been looking forward to this game for some time now. I don't know too much about it, except what is said at
The current release date is Feb 2005.

If anyone is interested, here's what is said about it at

Our story takes place in a world called “Ivalice,” in an age when magic was commonplace and airships plied the skies – the Archadian Empire, seeking to strengthen its base of power, had been invading and subjugating its neighboring lands one by one—a fate which befell the small Kingdom of Dalmasca. Archadia’s invasion and the subsequent death of the Dalmascan king prompted the Princess Ashe, the sole surviving heir to the Dalmascan throne, to take up arms against the invaders.

In her struggle to oust the occupying Archadian forces and restore freedom to her people, Ashe must watch as many of her allies pay the blood price for that freedom. Though tempted to abandon all hope in the face of the Empire’s might, her determination keeps her from succumbing before what would seem to be inevitable defeat. Then she meets Vaan, an urchin from the Dalmascan capital of Rabanastre. Vaan dreams of one day becoming a sky pirate, escaping the Empire on his airship. Vaan, Ashe, Vaan’s friend Penelo, the sky pirate Balthier, his partner Fran and many more are on an adventure through Ivalice that traces the mysteries behind the Archadian Empire’s invasion.

They also have screenshots at, click on one of the links too see them. All three links go to the same place.
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