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Full Version: PSO Ploooz coming to US
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Sorry for being a bit late on this (Hey, I'm having a productive summer :D) but Sega has announced PSO Plus for US.
Nothing really exciting. Just for those who are interested =T
What really cracks me up is that on Sega's site, it says the game already came out.... in October... of 2002. I guess they mean October 29, 2004.
As for Nintendo, they say Q3 of 2004.
So that seems about right (almost).

Say it with me now: PSO Ploooozzz.
French owns.

I thought Ep1&2 was orignally released in October 2002...
So they'd be correct :|

Plus is an offliner's dream, not worth anything now, seeing as the population of PSO is filled with ignorant battlers, groups of people with thier own play scheduals, and random idiots.
Actually, I find that with PSO+ I get less problems and bugs in the game such as freezing of the gamecube...commonly refered to as FSOD. This newer version is much nicer for me I think. I have never done the offline EP2 challenge or the tower quests offline, but it is another option if youi want something new to do. I think it also eliminates some of the hacking problems and duping bugs that the first release has.

Hmmmm...I have been making my experiance lately with challenge so much because level up has lost most interest with me. I can't stand playing in most games...item snatchers, tweaked characters, hacked items, people that like to rush ahead and kill off enemies in a full 3-hit ULTIMATE!

Challenge is part of the game I think.
I just had a thought. If the graphics are as sharp and clean as Ep3, I might get this o.O;
QUOTE (Skorpius @ Jul 12 2004, 01:51 AM)
I just had a thought. If the graphics are as sharp and clean as Ep3, I might get this o.O;

hm...I think the graphics are the same as the current US version, but I run SVideo so it all looks clear to me. The game still suffers from not rendering far away objects...some of which is a little annoying in some of the larger rooms and areas. I do not think there is much of a change in quality of the graphics. It is the same game with a few bug fixes and the addition of EP2 challenge, and some offline tower quests and such. I have not played it off line yet (can you believe that?) so I am not quite sure. I will have to do that some time.
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