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Full Version: AT Gaming Review 7-16-04
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This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. This is primarily a gaming related site, so what have you accomplished this week? Got a new piece of AF gear in FFXI? Get a killer time in C-Mode? Get into any Betas? Finished a game? Started a new one? Let's hear your gaming stories for this week.

I am going to try and keep this a weekly thing, now who's first?
Grand idea!
Only ffxi related:
Got to 42 war with Ferra's help. Got my war AF1 with a lot of help, as well as helped out 3 others get their gear. Opened up NIN with lots of help. Also have managed to save about 30k, which will be 80 or 90k as soon as all my stuff sells. Thanks everyone!
Thanks Dive!
On the scu front, I finally made it past the two Dark Knights and made my way to Galron's castle in Zelda: Wind Waker. There weren't enough curse words in the world to describe how mad I was dying time and again at the hands of those two guys. Only after I put the game away for two weeks, gathered myself, and pressed some other buttons besides the "attack!" button did I remember that that little guy can jump and dodge and roll and do all kinds of cool stuff. So, now that the Dark Knights are gone, I now have a serious battle ahead of me. I have already died three times trying. The curse words are flying fast and furious once again.
I picked up Tales of Symphonia last night (minus my pre-order art book which I will get on Saturday). I played about 30 - 45 minutes last night. So far, I like it. I didn't read the instructions so I seem to not totally get what I am supposed to do. Two members of my party have already been knocked out twice. beigesmile.gif But who wants to read when you've got a new game?
Also, I have been playing Halo alot recently. Damn fine game. I am gearing up for part two I guess. Can't wait for that game to come out. I have always prefered the single player FPS with a good story over a deathmatch scenario, and Halo definately has a good story to tell.
Aside from FFXI, I am rolling through Mega Man Anniversary Collection and Front Mission 4.

On MMAC I have MM2, 3, and 4 finished...starting on 5 now. Having never played 5 before, I'm surprised at the quality of the graphics for an NES game. It came out in 1991, so I already was geared up (or maybe already had, I can't quite remember) a SNES by I skipped out on a few of the NES releases in lieu of the newfangled SNES games. Definetly some quality stuff...a lot easier than the previous MMs, but the gameplay is still tight...and even though the Boss concepts are alittle whack (Train man? wtf?) its still fun to play.

Front Mission 4 is a tactics style mech strategy game, for the uninitiated, this is the series' 2nd release in america, with FM3 coming out on PSOne a few years ago. There is a huge focus on FM4 on setting up combos with your units via the "Link" system, so oftentimes I spend an hour between battles just tweaking and testing my combos to make sure they work well for the next battle. If you played FM3 you'll have no trouble jumping into it, but it's a bit different from other "standard" fantasy type tactics games, but there's a buttload of tutorials to explain all the minutia of the game provided you have the patience to sit thru em.

A little late on reporting this, but my friends (Twolf, Chawbacon, Naba, my brother, and I) had a blast going through Zelda 4 Swords Adventures on GC. There is definetly much fun to be had in the adventure mode of this game. The puzzles are the same ingenious quality you expect from a standard Zelda game, and the story would even make a great single player Zelda game. The graphics are like a combo of LOZ:ALTTP and LOZ:TWW, with lots of sprite scaling and cool 3D effects. It's really endearing, and a great throwback to 2D games of makes ya wonder what they could do if they went balls-out with a 2D game on GC...but I digress. The areas cover all the basic Hyrule zones, you have Towns, Easter Palaces, The Forest of Illusion, Death Mountain, and you can even teleport to the dark world (which is used for lots of excellent puzzles). Of course just like FF:CC you'll need GBA's and link cables to get the most outta this game, but good god it's worth it.
Not much change in my usual plate full of FFXI beigelaugh.gif

After fighting tooth and nail for gil in my usual haunt, the Gusgen Mines.. I was finally able to purchase the fabled Ochiudo's Kote.

on a side note my brother picked up Driver 3 this week, i have to say the game is leaps and bounds beyond its predicessors. though i haven't had any hands on experience with it, It definitely looks good enough for a test drive if you're a fan of the genre.
Haven't been doing much in FFXI. Finally got to lvl 50 with ranger and done Genkai 1 with alot of help. Saving up for that damn E-bow. 4 Mil. I am begining to think is not worth the time. Now lvling Nin for sub. Was able to skill up markmanship to lvl 100. I may decide to use gun then get that E-bow.

Beside FFXI I haven't played anything else at all. Sigh...can't wait till FFXII
Tales of Symphonia is pretty good so far and i'm almost done with Thief III,another good game.
not much other then FFXI

Been farming and helping people, last night helped with NIN quest and killed a dragon. Crush took the group to Rabao and I was able to buy the map for Kor. Tunnel. I'm also slowly leveling WAR and NIN and I got THF past 15 and been farming backplates at wee hours to go towards getting silver chain mail.
I beat Zelda the 4 swords, it was an an awesome game. Started playing Deus EX again, that FPS is the shit.

FFXI has been a sucky place latetly, ganna stop playing soon it seem.

Started playing wind waker again, but I'm loseing interest in that fast. All that sailing around shit is anoying.
Vitamin D
I was on Mega Man Anniversary collection pretty hardcore (beat the first, and I'm at the end of 2, 3, and 8.) but since I die SO much, I took a break. Instead, I'm on Tales of Symphonia like a few others are...DAMN this game is hard! I've died quite a few times already (about 10 hours into it). Takes a lot of patience to press on haha. I also fit in some daily play time with Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, AKA the best 3D fighter ever made. Yeah, I said it. shades.gif SO yeah, Symphonia and VF 4 EVO. That's how I'm gamin' these days.
okok...challenge mode related...
Knowing me anyway....I would be the one to talk about challenge.
I got 7:36 on C2 and 19"31 on C5 recently...but I still want 18:00 on C5 ahahaha.

Lets have a fun PSO get together sometime...I never see anyone play...except AC9 (every now and then) and Zio (most of the evenings).

Been working on my avatars... Haven't actually beaten any yet, but I've gotten Titan within an inch of his life. (I swear to God he only had 5% of his HP left, stupid 3rd Searing Light was partially resisted)

Still an accomplishment considering I'm not even 20 as SMN yet ;p
After what has seemed almost forever. I am so close to getting S rank for every Mission in Armored Core 3 Silent Line. Once that is done, I will go and unlock the rest of hidden parts in AC so as to get 100% complete in an AC game! <3 teleport.gif

Also. Me and Bilix totally pwned some lame ass JP deck users the other day on PSO3 and Im halfway to beating Chrono Trigger. beigesmile.gif
QUOTE (AC9breaker @ Jul 19 2004, 04:25 AM)
...Im halfway to beating Chrono Trigger. beigesmile.gif

One of the best games on SNES...just talking about it makes me want to play it again...the other that comes close is Final Fantasy 6 (US 3). The two best games for the SNES in my opinion.
Not a lot really, just random bot matches in Command and Conquer Generals, played a little Resident Evil 3 for the first time in years, had my sister watch with me so I could scare the crap out of her. beigelaugh.gif She ran screaming out of the room when nemesis was screwin around with me jumpin through windows in the police station.

On my dull side of EQ, I hit level 59 with my necromancer, meaning I got the creepy bastard behind me here for a pet, was a big moment for me since I put up with an irritating skeleton pet for 58 levels, now I got my own grim reaper, bahaha.

I played like 10 mins of PSO offline before the power went out. . . I didn't get a chance to run to the red box that chaos bringer dropped! crash.gif

I been watching more movies as of late more then gaming really, but that's what I did lately.
Am I the only person who sees the screen Sarge posted as nothing but a black screen with 2 words on it? beigelaugh.gif
Grrrr, nevrmind, my monitor gamma was high at the time I took that, and I thought it was suitable.

Print screen sucks. cry2.gif
Only thing worth mentioning:

user posted image

Hrmmm I guess this belongs in the FFXI pic thread =\
Oh and I did a bunch of PSO offline. Feels good to actually attack when you want to hehe.

Man Never Winter Nights is awesome, I started playing it again and it's taking all my free time. It's kind of an old game, but man is it fun. I'm a gnome wizard, named Dorian Grey (go figure) oh man it's bad ass, I have this floating eyeball as a pet, I'll see if I can get a screen cap of it. Anyone who likes D&D type games should try this out and if you still play, lets meet up on an internet game.
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