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Full Version: Welcome to the Pub!
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Welcome one and all to our newest facility, our very own bar! please leave your hats, coats and mags at the door, kick back and enjoy a nice stiff drink on me!

lets see if we can't get to know eachother, and ourselves a little better.
Layrinn walk into the bar and has a sudden flash-back to her time with her pirate gals....

"Oi! Where's the bartender in this joint?!?"

... from which she quickly regains her composure...


"Um... I mean... I'd like to order a drink please."

A place to get wasted...I wish Ragol had a Pub. Nothing like killing some brain cells after owning Falz. Fluids kinda remind me of beer, drink too much and get a beer belly. Cecil got fat drinking them, high is calories.

Oh, as for getting to know me better...I like bacon and lobster. Iam very deep.
"Oh customers in the Pub, let me restock the bar and turn on the karaoke machine." guitarist.gif

Dive goes to the back room and returns with a few cases of fine spirits and assorted lagers.

"Well name your poison, the bar's open. This round's on the house!" toast.gif

Dive takes a quick sip of some imported Mota Whiskey.
"All right, now we're talkin'! Hmm... I've always been partial to strawberry daiquiris. A certain red-headded bartender used to make them for me..."


"haha... just don't expect the same kind of tips I gave to her, neh?"

Sweet a bar.. just what ive been waiting for a bar on Ragol with a kareoke machine

*grabs the mic*

gimmie one burbon one scotch and one beer

toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif beigesleep.gif
"Ok one Strawberry Daiquiri comin right up. and Necron, I'll get your order after you finish your song beigelaugh.gif "

"HC82, the kitchen is closed, sorry no lobster and bacon right now."

Dive prepares the drinks and takes another shot of Mota Whiskey.

"Redheaded bartenders eh? Sounds interesting already, tell me more." evilking.gif
"Oh, wouldn't you like to know! Well, I've told you about my days on board the Sol Bianca. That's where I met Cienna... she used to tend bar for us there. We, uh... got pretty close."

Rinn smiles, blushes, and takes a sip of her drink.

"Mmm, this is good. And if you really want to know more than that... it's gonna take more than one drink."

I think I'll take a margarita... or eight...
Dive watches Layrinn finish her drink.

"Pretty close you say? Here have another one on the House, and Rogue, I'll get those eight Margaritas fixed up as soon as I have another shot toast.gif "

Dive prepares more beverages and listens to Necron's rendition of One bourbon, one scotch, one beer as the song ends.

"Ok just like the song says, here's your drinks Necron. You want something HC?" Dive says as he clears away the empty glasses on the bar.
Layrinn giggles... "Do I have to spell it out for you?"

She starts in on her second drink, her cheeks rosy-red as much from the memories as the liquor.

"We lived on a ship with no men... and we liked it that way."

Rinn flashes Dive her sweetest, most innocent (yeah right...) smile and gets up before he has a chance to ask her any more. She walks over to the karaoke machine, waving to Necron as they pass on his way to the bar. She picks up the mic and cues up Grace.


"There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Well it's my time coming, i'm not afraid... afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time
Of time..."
hey Rinn, any chance you have any of the security camera recordings from the sol bianca? i think we could make a mint...


*sips rum on the rocks*
"A ship full of feisty Hunewearls cavorting across the galaxy...." Dive ponders the implications of this situation and laughs at Scion's remarks. He clears the empty glasses and notices the front door glide open. The servos on the door whine as it closes and a tall figure in a dark cloak enters the room, moving to an unoccupied table.

"Scion look." Dive says as he motions towards the new patron.

"It's Harbinger."
After singing the passionate finale to Grace Rinn heads back to the bar, casting a concerned glance towards the dark and solitary Harbinger along the way. She slides up to the bar and gives Scion a friendly nudge.

"What makes you think we had security cameras?" she asks playfully. "Besides... it's so much more fun to tease you boys about it." Rinn smiles and pats Scion on the cheek before turning serious for a moment.

"Hey Dive... what's with Harbinger? I haven't seen him in forever. Why's he sittin' all alone?"
*necron quickly finishes his drink's while pondering scion's comments >=)*

lovely song rinn cry2.gif

Ok dive enough of the weak stuff give me a 151 boilermaker and lets get this party started another round on me buttrock.gif

toast.gif toast.gif toast.gif

i do hope this is a smoke friendly bar *wink wink*
"Thanks! Maybe I'll sing another one in a bit... Here, lemme get that for you..."

Layrinn snaps her fingers and produces a tiny Foie to light Necron's smoke.

"Well... if you're buying, I guess I could go for another round. Why don't we ask Harbringer if he wants something?"

She turns to Dive, who seems to be lost in his whiskey...

"Dive? Got any idea where he's been lately?"
"No, no one has seen him for a while, last I talked to him he said he was doing a contract for The Lab. But that was over two months ago."

Dive turns to the shelf behind the bar and produces an aged bottle of wine.

"He looks like he could use some of this, would you mind taking it to him Rinn?" Dive smiles but there is a noticeable look of concern evident in his eyes as he glances at Harbinger. He feels the appearance of the Fomar has unsettled the atmosphere in the pub.

"ok let's get back to drinking, this round's on Necron!" Dive prepares more refreshments and downs another shot, keeping an eye on the dark figure.
"Oh. S... sure thing, Dive."

Layrinn took the bottle and two empty wine glasses from Dive. This whole situation seemed strange to her... why was everyone acting so weird? And why didn't anyone know where Harb had been? It was beginning to make her a little uneasy. Rinn flashed a nervous smile to her friends at the bar and moved slowly towards the dark solitary figure in the corner of the pub.

Rinn became more and more unsettled the closer she got to Harbinger. What the heck is going on? Why am I so nervous? It's just Harb... he's my friend. Still... something just feels... wrong.

Layrinn finally stood across the small table from Harbinger. She leaned over a little to try to look him in the face, and smiled as best she could. "Heya, Harb. It's been a while. I, um..." Rinn faltered for a second. She held up the bottle of wine and the glasses a little, "Uh... you wanna share a drink?"
*Notices all the crazy-ness he missed, and looks around dazed*

*Walks in, sits down, and puts up legs on table*

A martinee please, shaken, not stirred...

... with a side of bacon. beigelaugh.gif
"Hey Sarge, glad you could make it to Happy Hour. Feel free to take the stage for the next song"

Dive prepares Sgt. Retehi's Martini and looks up to see Layrinn approach Harbinger's table. The Fomar looks up at the Hunewearl and stands, reaching for a chair.

"Please sit down Rinn, It's always nice to have company when drinking." His voice came out hoarse and sounded strange to himself. He notices apprehension in Rinn's face as she smiles and sits.

"To Pioneer 1." he raises his glass to Layrinn's and sips the wine. The bite of the liquor stings his throat and he fights back a cough. Layrinn sips her wine and nervously looks over the Fomar, noticing scorch marks and rips among his robes. He looks around the room and sees old friends talking and laughing, taking comfort in their revelry.

"I see not much has changed at Headquarters, how have you been my friend?" He reaches for the bottle to refill Layrinn's glass. Suddenly the room seems to darken and he tries to focus, spilling the wine. He feels conciousness slip as he slumps back in his chair.

Dive sees this and runs over to offer aid.

"What happened Rinn? He looks terrible"
The mechanical doors of the Apocalypse bar slide back, and a soft rush of displaced air temporarily musses Brynhilde’s perfect coiffure. She pauses in the doorway, quickly setting her hair to rights, and surveys the bar.

Miscreants, vagabonds, and scoundrels…all companions and friends, are gathered in boisterous camaraderie. Shrugging off a fleeting moment of disappointment as she realizes there are no androids present to provide company, she makes her way to the bar only to find it unattended.
Glancing around she sees her friend Laryrinn, furiously blushing and hovering over an obviously inebriated Harbinger.

“Interesting”, she thinks, arching a groomed eyebrow, “all this time I didn’t believe ‘Rinn favored m.....fomars.”

Walking over to ‘Rinn’s table, Brynhilde interrupts the bartender, and imperiously taps him on the shoulder with an impeccably manicured fingernail.

“Excuse me…serving person…Dive,” She flashes what she believes to be a winning smile, “If it wouldn’t be too much of a bother, would you mind terribly much bringing me a single plumb, floating in trifluid, served in a man’s hat?”

Brynhilde then notices Harbinger’s extreme pallor as well as his ragged clothing and realizes that he is not simply passed out from excess, but that something is seriously wrong.

Panic wells as she turns to Layrinn.

“What is going on here?!”
It all happened so fast, Layrinn could barely think straight. Shock, confusion, and concern were written all over her face. She stood supporting the unconscious Harbinger, holding his head in her arms and stroking his matted hair as if that would somehow soothe whatever ailed him.

"Oh, Bryn!" Rinn's words came tumbling out as she desperately tried to explain to her friend what was going on. "I... I don't know... no one's seen him for months and then he just showed up here all of a sudden and Dive gave me some wine to take to him and we were just talking and he passed out and.. and... Bryn, he looks really bad. What should we do?? Should we take him to the hospital?"

Rinn looked plaintively to her friend, grateful for her appearance. She'll know what to do...
Scion grabs a few Star Atomizers from behind the bar and rushes over to the table where Rinn and Harb sit, anxious to discover whats going on. He then administers a double shot of star atoms after checking Harbs dangerously low vitals...

Harb, you look like a Delbiter dragged you in... what happened?
"Well he should be stabilized for now." Dive says to his companions sitting at the bar. It had been an hour since Harbinger collapsed, and after some initial confusion, they had managed to get him to the Med-Bay and somewhat coherent.

"He was mumbling something about a Polar Relay Station, and a conspiracy. This has got to be related to the mess that the Lab made concerning the Seabed Facility." Dive looks around to see if anyone needs a refill and pours himself a double.

"It looks like he was in one hell of a fight." Earlier in the Med-Bay they had managed to remove Harbinger's outfit and gear to inspect it. Telltale blackened patches and perfectly rounded holes caused concern. He had been hit with multiple Photon beams of some sort as well as some incendiary blasts.

"have any of you ever been to this Relay Station?"
Layrinn idly stirred her drink and sighed. She was finally starting to feel like herself again after all the confusion, but she didn't feel much like drinking anymore. She couldn't seem to focus on the conversation at the bar... Harbinger's semi-conscious words kept repeating in her head.

"Seabed... conspiracy... D-type... mutation..." What does it all mean?

Rinn's tall ears perked up at Dive's mention of a polar relay station. It startled her out of her daze and she turned to face Dive.

"Wait, what? What relay station?"

Dive took a long pull on his drink, "You know what he's talking about, Rinn?"

Rinn shook her head. "No... I hunt Sil Dragons up north all the time, and I've never seen anything like that before. If there's something up there, it must be very well hidden. Or maybe...." Her words drifted off as she fell into deep thought once again.

Dive blinked and stared at Rinn expectantly for a few moments before nudging her elbow. "Or maybe what?"

Rinn looked puzzled for a moment, her concentration suddenly interrupted. "Huh? Oh... well, it's a long shot... But once when I was up there, I thought I saw something funny... like, blurry. I figured it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. O.. or something with the atmosphere, like the aurora you see in the sky up there. But just now... thinking about it... about how it looked... it reminded me of the camouflaged Sinows you see around the Central Control Area. I dunno... Maybe there is something up there, and I just never noticed it before... something that someone doesn't want to be found."

*A roguish stranger enters through the bar's rear entrance in a slow, yet alert fashion. From the sign of the rifle he checks at the door, and the handgun, which, to the experienced Tekker, appears to be a Ruby Bullet, at his side, this character appears to be a RAmar*

*The RAmar, clothed in a dark uniform with a completely masked face, finds a vacant seat towards the furthest end of the pub and awaits his bartender*

*The bartender eventually makes his way to the obviously new face and begins to manifest his gift of gab*

"Well I haven't seen you around these parts before. Welcome to the pub lad."

*The RAmar continues to glance at the bartender, almost as if he was looking through the fellow*

"Ok then, what'll it be?" *The bartender begins to reach for some of the more popular drinks at this season*

*The RAmar finally looks up, and it can be noticed that the figure is wearing spectacles within that protective head casing. In a strangely muffled voice, accompanied by what seems to be a strong Russian-type accent, the RAmar responds*

*Being the only one to make out the request, the bartender gives a look of perplexity. After he shrugs, the bartender goes to concealed door and removes a very odd... almost ancient looking flask. The bartender then proceeds to pour a glass of liquid from the flask, which appears an almost smoky grey*

"Here ya go buddy, knock yourself out."

*The bartender proceeds to dibby up the meseta charge on the new character's tab*

*The RAmar, noticing his appearance has drawn a bit of unwanted attention, gives a quick glance over his shoulder towards the crowd. Then, as if nothing mattered, the RAmar unhinges his mask slightly and takes a swig from the glass. At this, all the men in the bar give an almost puzzling look.In the effort of drinking, a small vile reveals itself from the visible hip of the character. Two words can be made out from the closer patrons*


Walks behind the Bar as if he was at home. and pours himself another drink, shifting an eye towards the new occupant. Summing him up for a short period. Scion then finishes of his drink by slipping two suprizingly clear icecubes into the dark bronze colored liquor. The Fomar then strolls over to greet our new guest.

"Greetings Friend, Welcome to my Establishment. Enjoying your drink?"

Scion takes a drink from his highly polished glass, then glances over his shoulder in Dive and 'Rinn's Direction. as if something caught his ear. Then returns his attention to the RAmar again.

"so whats your story?"
"Have any of you ever been to this Relay Station?"

Fingernails carve half-moons into Brynhilde’s palms as her hands curl into fists. She hides them quickly in long, tapered sleeves as frigid memories assail her in this place of warmth.

An endless descent of snow coils downward from a cruel slate sky. The Sil beast’s roar of angry frustration is heard in the distance, and is echoed by the actions of a human ranger, a friend,
...His name was Cal….
as he throws his broken headset to the frozen ground and gives voice to his rage. Her power….gone. Her hand searches desperately through concealed pockets,
.....It was a long time ago......
only to find empty vials… their energy spent. Not even power left for the warmth of flame.
..... You were never there......
Kneeling on the cold ground, as snow helixes around her, all seems lost.
.....Is it real?.....


Brynhilde gives herself a quick mental shake and refocuses on the bar. Odd thoughts often came to her of their own accord, and she had grown used to dismissing them as manifestations grown from her dependence on the chemicals needed to replenish her power, and the mental repercussions of too many battles.

She had never been to a “relay station”, and she had never had an association with a human ranger. Most likely his image was brought on by the appearance of the newcomer that had just entered the bar.

Regardless, this now was real. These people were real. If her presence were needed in an endeavor of theirs, she would of course come. But still, she could not entirely suppress a feeling of dread. As she looked at ‘Rinn’s open expression of excitement and curiousity, it seemed very likely that she would soon see the very place that had left Harbinger so wounded in body and spirit, for herself.

“So”, she says to Dive in a cool, controlled voice, “has there been any word on how Harbinger is faring?”

::I look up from my dank table in the corner of the pub, only to say...::

Y'all so much better at this stuff then I am. cry2.gif

::slurs out::

gimmE a vodka! stirred and shaken!!...

(time to have a bit of fun, bwhahahah)

make it a pitcher of vodka! *coughs*
"Bryn are you alright? It looks as if you have seen a ghost." He see's her relax as his words seem to settle her and she takes a deep breath recovering her composure.

"Harginger is stable for now. I think it's best if we let him rest and recover his strength." Dive takes a seat next to Brynhilde and Layrinn as he see's that Scion has the bar under control. He turns to Layrinn and notices the stranger, now seated, talking to Scion. He shifts his attention back to the Hunewearl.

"Very interesting Rinn, I have been near the polar caps a few times but I never noticed anything like you described." He keeps an eye on the newcomer as he downs another shot, peering for any glimpse of his face beneath the weathered mask. The stranger unhinges his face plate momentarily to empty his glass, as he does Dive notices a glint off something attached to one of his belt clips. He barely makes out words printed on a small vial. This Ranger is well skilled it appears. he thinks to himself.

"I know for a fact that the Lab will not give anyone access to their database, we need to find out whatever we can about this Relay Station. We need someone with the skill to hack into CALUS." Dive says under his breath so only those close can hear.
*Keeping the protective mask on his head, yet the visor slightly open, the RAmar downs the remainder of the drink. Without thinking, the RAmar tilts his head back to put down the drink, but the adjustment causes a rift through the body, ultimately unhinging the vile from the side of her uniform*


*A loud glass-like shatter is heard, and pieces of the now broken vile scatter across the floor. Strange thing is... there was no residue of any type on the floor. This could only mean that the vile was empty to begin with. The RAmar's eyes become incredibly wide through his spectacles as one of the barkeep approaches with a broom. A quite feminine, and strongly Russian-type accent can be heard from the RAmar*

"No!!! Don't touch that... I'll clean it up myself"

*Shocked at his apparent voice-masking mistake, the RAmar is met with a galley of inquisitive faces. In an expression of humility, the RAmar begins to clean the mess up himself. After he finishes, the character then approaches the bar once again and speaks, this time with the muffled voice*

"I'm sorry, I must be going. Can you direct me to the nearest Hunter's Guild please?"

*The RAmar begins to receive directions from one of the bar patrons*

"You must be from the Dubhe Ship, I recognize the accent. By any chance do you know Kaleshnikov? He is a Ranger from that ship and speaks in a manner quite similiar to yours." Dive turns to face the Ramar and offers a chair.

"Please, you must have time for one more?" He looks inquisitlvely at the...Ramar?.
*necon has been quietly finishing his smoke and drink he slides off his stool and kneels down and inspects the floor where the vial droped pulling a small device out from his armor he passes it over the vial and the device goes wild with lights and noises his head suddenly snaps to the direction of the Ramar he then rises and quickly leaves the bar* attention.gif
In walks a 7 foot ultra broad-shouldered HUcaast named DarkEpyon-v2. The first thing the android thought was, "Ahhhh... my life's blood..." The large android took a seat and asked for a bottle of whiskey.
*it's as if a faint breeze has entred the bar*

*shinoba suddenly comes from the shadows of the bar then takes a steat adn speaks*

He really has gotten carried away with his research this time.. pesonaly i liked him as a FOmar.....
OH dive! can i get a drink please? i'll take a strawberry Trimate with a sprinkle of Plantain on the top

*while dive makes her drink shinoba walks around the bar greeting her comrades*

"I see you've had an eventfull evening don't worry about harb everybody necron has dispatched his newest med bot she was specialy designed to treat D-cell type wounds and he is a skilled inventor... after all he did create me" king.gif

"and I too have been to the polar relay station well ive scouted the parimiter anyway i noticed it after i had just sucessfully hunted a sil dragon. My heat sensors detected a exhaust vent and thats when i noticed the cloaked station i scouted the parimiter and marked its location in my memory bank. I had planned to go there in the morning alone or not it dose not matter but any of you are more than welcome to come and see the truth"

"But not tonight, tonight we party"

*Shinoba raises her glass* toast.gif

"Here is too old friends and potential "NEW" ones" *she eyes the bars newest occupant*

*she walks up to the kareoke machine and choses her song and starts to sing Sail away by styx"

Suddenly the ambient light dulls and is replace by the red pulse of Alarm sirens

the voice of claymore rings throughout the AT Facility..

ATTENTION!!! All senior members! Report to the war room at once! I repeat; all senior members to the war room immediately!

Operation: Snowblind
Layrinn smiles and bobs her head gently in time with the music.

I always liked this song...

"Sounds like things are about to get interesting around here, neh?" she says to Dive, who nods silently in return. As if on cue, Claymore's powerful voice barks through the loudspeakers, drowning out all the other sounds in the Pub. The sudden interruption startles Rinn and she jumps a little in her seat. "Well that didn't take long," she says, regaining her composure. "Hmm... I haven't officially signed on here yet... I hope I can still go. You know... I think I'll go talk to Claymore about that before things get really busy. Thanks for the drinks, Dive. They were excellent."

Rinn smiles at Dive and stands up, stretching her body a little before turning to face Bryn. "See ya soon, Bryn..." she says softly, her gaze fixed on the FOmarl perhaps a little longer than usual. Finally, Rinn turns and heads for the door, scrupulously avoiding the spot on the floor where the stranger's flask broke open.

The door to the Pub opens with a whoosh, flooding the establishment with bright light from the hallway outside. Rinn's figure is silhouetted in the entryway for a moment or two before the door hisses closed behind her.
The name repeatedly ran through the stranger's mind, as he sat in silence. He thought to himself, "I never would've thought Kaleshnikov survived..."

*The metallic voice of Claymore interrupted the stranger's thought process*

More questions arose to his mind as Claymore's announcenment ceased. He thought to himself, "AT... but it can't be... didn't Legion personally destroy the Apocalypse Tribe?"

*The figure again became startled as a group surrounding Shinoba broke a glass on the floor. Scion soon followed with some negative bickering towards the accident*

Thoughts continuted to run rampantly through the stranger's mind once again, as he watched Layrinn exit the facility.

"If this is true, I must cease my current assignment and gather some information regarding this AT. I suppose I'll need to report back to the S&H (Sickle & Hammer) immediately. I better keep my shroud about me as well... if the others find out that an S&H agent is among them, our mission would be compromised... and the last thing I wanna do is disappoint the boss."

*Kaleshnikov invaded the stranger's thoughts once again*

"Kaleshnikov... it's been so long..."

*The stranger noticed Dive's attention was averted. Instantly, the stranger left a nice meseta tip, and proceeded towards the exit*
Dive is startled by the booming voice of Claymore as it echoes through the pub. He notices that a few patrons get up and leave, while others look on apprehensively.

"Ok calm down, those of you who have business we will see you soon and good luck. Everyone else how about another round on the house?" Dive looks arond expectantly and notices a healthy meseta tip sitting on the bar. He looks around to see who left it and comes to realize that the Ramar has left.

"Don't be a stranger now, friend" Dive says under his breath.

"Ok let's drink!" Dive downs more Mota Whiskey.
-Enter Shojin-

Shojin enters the bar doors, exhausted from a underground secret delivery mission, only to find half of the people whizzing out the door heading to a deep metallic voice and a bartender trying to please all at once.

"can i get ya a drink?"

"No thanks, I dont drink, just lookin for a place to chill... So whats all the commotion"

"you look pretty worn out? what happend"

"Oh i just got back from A Secret underground delivery through the caves, it got pretty rough, but now i just want to relax"

"Havent seen your around, welcome to the pub where you from?"

"Oh yah a friend said i needed to relax and sent me here, nice place you got here, by the way whats goin on?"

"Cool cool... Oh hey theres some kind of master alert, try to stay calm dont worry about it , im sure the AT members will handle it..."

"AT huh? Ive heard of them, a guild right? didnt they all get killed ... in that incident? I have to see for myself if they are really alive, besides I could use a lilttle action"

"Wait arent you going to have a drink?"

"No time. Sorry Dive, Farwell"

"Oi! Where theh hell is everybody going? I was promised a drink, I was."
*notices the empty spot behind the bar and the lovely zorya needing a drink*

well i didnt promis it but id be more than happy to get you that drink : toast.gif
suddenly a hologram of Claymore apears behind the counter.

"Drink order detected! Mixing ingredients. please wait... ... ..."

what did you expect from a state of the art facility such as this? beigelaugh.gif
As Amiens walked down the corridor, the door to the pub ahead on the left, he caught the noise of laughter and giddy banter issuing from within.

'Perhaps I'll go in and have a chat with everyone there, maybe I'll get a little respite from my thoughts there...' he thought to himself.

As he was approaching the door, the station was suddenly awash with red light and the boom of Claymore's voice rang throuhgout the station as he summoned all senior members of AT to the war room.

That's you.

Amiens jumped at the sound of his sister's voice within his head, he still was not used to this strange situation that he had awoken in a little over a month ago.

'But I'm not a senior member, I just got here a month ago! You were the one that's been here since almost the very beginning!' Amiens thought to himself.

Are we not one and the same?

Amiens winced at this thought.

He remembered his earlier conversation with Dive regarding his peculiar situation and his status within AT, wherein Dive had conferred to Amiens all the same priviledges and status that his twin sister Oneida had held before her death on that dangerous mission, which had made him and instant member of the Paragon Caste, and therefore part of the senior staff...

It is your fate.

Amiens sighed as he acknowleged the voice in his head and turned from the pub door to follow the stream of senior members, each one inciting a strange feeling of deep knowing within him, even though he himself had only known them for little over a month.

My memories are your memories

'Yeah, and I seem like I'm a lunatic' Amiens thought to himself as he followed Layrinn to the war room...
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