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Full Version: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
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As of yesterday The long waited Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex was released. Of course I got it, the special edition version. Heres a review.

First of the contents,
2 disks, One a Dolby Digital format disk and another a DTS formated disk, both containing episodes 1-4 in animorphic wide screen. A double side dvdcase sleave, the Stand Alone Complex O.S.T. and slip cover for both the dvd and the cd cases, and both the dvd booklet include interviews and the cd one has track lyrics. The dvd extras are the standard trailers and an interview with the director and the japanese actor who protrays Major Motoko Kusanagi

Now on to the show,
Each episode opens with a stunning C.G.I. intro that includes everything G.I.T.S. is known for. The animation in each episode is top notch and doesn't suffer from the first is the one good episode syndom that many anime have. The voice acting is great and has cast members from the original movie which was a great move by the studio. The music is good, from rock to techno to classical its stunning and well placed. And at the end of each episode is a few minutes long skit with the Tachikoma robot/tanks, which is cute and funny.

Heres the shows website
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Edit- included some more info and a ling to the show's website
I've seen all the episodes with the original voices and french subtitles and i loved much is this DVD set Knight?
I got it on sale at sam goody for $40 bucks, it regular price there was $50. I bet you could find it on the net cheaper
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