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Full Version: The Origins of MetalGriever
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Part One
Three million years ago, a secret group of biomechanical assassins known as the Omega Dragons, were headquartered in a solar system not far from Algol. They carried out assassinations for various clients from all over the galaxy. One of their finest was MetalGriever. His methods were more overt than some of the others. As powerful as he was, deep down he had what humans refer to as a "heart." His final assignment was to kill a 10-year old prince. However, MetalGriever abhorred the idea and left the site of where the assassination was to take place. This infuriated his superiors and they unanimously voted to crucify him. As the cross was slowly hoisted into the air, his former comerades each took turns shooting, stabbing or beating the fallen warrior. Once the mass of battered metal and flesh was confirmed dead, the body was then launched into space with the rest of the garbage, never to be seen again.
Many years have passed... MetalGriever's battered body had been drifting for so long until it was picked up by a space vessel sent by the planet who would later dispatch Pioneer 1 and 2. Scientists there had reactivated and transplanted the positronic photon brain from the old body and implanted it into the shell of one of their mechanized fighting machines known as HUcasts. His knowledge of weapons and combat were retained, along with records of the Omega Dragons which had dissolved 10 years after his crucifiction. MetalGriever had asked that the horrid images of bloodshed and distruction be purged from his memory. Later, he would be chosen to go aboard Pioneer 2, bound for Ragol to investigate the mishap on Ragol with Pioneer 1. His journeys would take him to a smaller ship known as Umbriel where he would acquire many great friends whom shared the same mission. He would become good friends with other hunters such as Shiori, PrimeJustice, SpiritMaster, Unshanna, and many more. However, shortly after his ascension to the 100th level, a mysterious virus ravaged the warrior's body, causing a total shutdown, and he could not be resussitated. He would later be resurrected, but soon after voluntarily terminated itself. The battle data was downloaded from the photon brain for future use, and one of MetalGriever's closest friends, Shiori held onto his possessions, including his famous Lavis Cannon, until the new creation, Yggdrasil V2 was released. Not long after, Yggdrasil had obtained a weapon known as the Seraphic Katana. This weapon would however contain the same virus that obliterated the first MetalGriever. With more knowledge of the virus, a fourth model was built with a safeguard against this virus. It was cristened "DarkEpyon." DarkEpyon had worked to restore what had been lost by Yggdrasil. However, once he had surpassed Yggdrasil, he became more involved with super-powerful weapons from an entity known as the "void." One such weapon, a powerful spread needle, drove him to madness. His passion for power burned deep within. However, it would all be brought to a screeching halt when he was destroyed by an evil sorcerer of the "void" in the guise of HUmar. A third incarnationn of MetalGriever was created, and against his creators' wishes began to harness the "void" to regain what was once his. However, the "void" would destroy him, only to produce an exact clone, only much stronger. However, despite having melded with the "void," he still believed in not using its power to do harm unto others...
Part two
The super-dimensional hero MetalGriever had finally decided that it was time to say farewell. His final battle took place against the millennial scourge known as Dark Falz. With his two teammates, Elektra and HAVOK, they were able to fell the horrid demon. It was then, that he had decided to part with his possessions, and uttered the final words, "All things must end... That which is born of nothing... must return to nothing..." In one final act, the android warrior plunged his trusty lavis cannon through his chest, and as he removed it, staggered and fell into the hole in the center of the platform in which he once stood. Is this truly the end for the ever-loving cold-blue laconium giant? No one truly understands the properties of this dimension. Does it have some sort of revival powers? Is it a black hole that sucks all matter within it into another dimension? Was Dark Falz trying to harness this power to destroy the universe? Only time will tell...
Great story! Crucifixions, battle hardened droids, passions for power, madness. Excellent king.gif
I'll put up the third part involving what happened after falling into that hole if anyone wants it.
Great, fun stuff! beigesmile.gif

I'll put up the third part involving what happened after falling into that hole if anyone wants it.

Bring it. ^ ^
Yea please keep it coming! good stuff. you guys are inspireing me. spinning.gif
After having lept into the black hole after felling Dark Falz, a battered MetalGriever was transported to a rather familiar area. It was his home planet, only three million years in the past. Noticing his wounds from the Lavis Cannon weren't too severe, the android began to look for a secluded area in which he could recharge.

"I see I've done some heavy damage to my circuitry, but not so much as to impede vital functions" MG said to himself as he did some repairs.

The android began looking around, piecing together where he was.

"Hmmmm... no doubt this is a fortress built deep within a mountain. That insignia on the wall! The Omega Dragons!?" MG thought to himself.

MetalGriever saw a young man of about 17 pass by him.

"Hey! Boy!" called out the android.

"Yes?" said the young man

"What is your name?" asked the android.

"Ummm... Sagarius... why, what's up?" replied the youth.

"Ah, that name... can I talk to you for a minute?" asked MG

"Umm... I guess... I don't really have anything else to do>" replied Sagarius.

MG and the youth went into a nearby room, and the android explained that he was once a cyborg from a similar time as that of Sagarius.

"There is a large blank in my memory, but I seem to remember being referred to as 'Sagarius' from time to time by my bosses from a secret society of assassins."

"And what was the name of the group?" asked Sagarius.

"The Omega Dragons" replied MG.

Sagarius' jaw dropped in awe.

"Oh, how very rude of me... My name is Metal Griever. But, you can call me MG. Nice to meet you." said the android.

"Same to you, MG." relpied Sagarius

"Hey, wait a minute..." questioned Sagarius. "If your name was Sagarius, and you were in the society, then why are you and both here at the same time?"

"Unless... no... it can't be!"

"Oh, but it is, my friend" replied MG.

"When I came to, I was on another planet, eons into the future. Everything up to my awakening on that planet, except for my creation is a blank. I was sent aboard a ship called Pioneer 2 to investigate what happened on a planet called Ragol. It was there that I'd made some great friends. One of whom was a newman by the name of SpiritMaster. Another female newman by the name of Shiori, was a walking encyclopedia. She knew a great deal about the weapons and monsters on the surface of the planet. They had another friend named Virgil as well. I learned a great deal from those folks. I'm more than honored to call them friends... It's a pity I'll never see them again." explained MG.

"Hmmm... could this be the result of the project they were talking about?" Sagarius thought to himself.

"I guess your creators in this era didn't want anyone tampering with your 'core consciousness' though you are a robot. Maybe you had your memory wiped on that planet, but some of the data was too well encrypted for them to break." explained Sagarius.

"You're right... then I wouldn't have been able to pick you out among anyone else. You see, I was the first in a project to convert human warriors into cyborgs. I do not remember anything of my life as a human, as my human brain was replaced by a positronic photon brain." explained MG.

"Then... they're gonna turn me into A MACHINE!?!?" asked an alarmed Sagarius.

"There is one way... come with me." said MG, taking Sagarius to where he first appeared here. On the way there, a couple of guards showed up. "Hey! You!" shouted a guard.
The guards began shooting at MG, and he proceded to kill one of them. "We're under attack here! I'm near barracks #6!" the surviving guard radioed to the central command center. Soon, a horde of several guards showed up as MG and Sagarius continued running.

"Hmmm... the portal is still open?" MG thought to himself.

"Sagarius! That portal is your ticket out of here! Where it takes you, no one knows!" explained MG.

"No way! That's way too risky!" objected Sagarius.

"Would you rather be turned into a soulless killing machine!? At least you'll be able to begin anew, wherever you may end up. True, I may not exist anymore in this form but it's for the better... Now GO!!!" exclaimed MG as he flung Sagarius through the portal which would then close. Soon after, MG began to fade away. "Good-bye Sagarius... may you meet many wonderful friends like I have on Pioneer 2... SpiritMaster... Shiori... Virgil... Unshanna..." MG thought to himself before completely disappearing.

Sagarius then appeared in a building in a rather medieval looking area. "Where the heck am I?" he thought to himself. He then exited the building and stopped a knight on the street. "Um... excuse me sir, but where am I?" The knight gave him a rather puzzled look.

"You're not from around here, are you?" asked the knight.

"Um, not really." replied Sagarius.

"Well, this is the town of Izlude, where people here on the continent of Rune Midgard can become swordsmen. If one trains hard enough, they can even become a knight!" explained the knight.

The knight continued exlplaining that, "Some swordsmen have the vitality to take punishment like nobody's business, while others can avoid almost any attack that comes their way. You... you look like you could do both equally well."

"Wow, thanks! Oh, my name's Sagarius by the way. Nice to meet you sir." replied Sagarius.

"Nice to meet you too. ^^ I am called Caramel Man no.4, but I go by Caramel. Oh and, don't call me sir; I work for a living. Also, if you run into a guy called Soullier, he's a good friend of mine. Also, I suggest you learn more about Rune Midgard and some of the creatures that inhabit this continent. This knowledge is crucial to your survival!" Caramel informed.

"OK, thanks! Hope I'll see you again!" said Sagarius to his new-found friend. "Oh, I'm sure our paths will cross again soon..." replied Caramel.

After learning more about his new world, Sagarius decided to return to Izlude and become a swordsman. It was time to do as MG said back at the portal, and begin anew."Now I can lead a life without having to meaninglessly kill innocent people to make a living..." he had thought to himself. He had passed the test with flying colors. And thus, his long and harrowing journey began.
Wow interesting, transported to another dimension as his future self fades from history/future! teleport.gif

What will become of Sagarius now?
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