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Full Version: Sudeki!!!
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Picked up Sudeki for the XBox over the weekend.This game was billed as a RPG but it's more of an action/adventure with RPG elements.The battle system is very good i find,it's not turned based,it's real time and when you use your skills,special strikes or items like potions,the whole game slows way down,giving you a little more time to choose what to do.The game starts off slowly but as you meet your 3 other characters,things pick up.The story is good so far,i'm about 15 hours in and inside one of the best looking cave,dungeon,grotto i have ever seen.Which brings me to the graphics,one word,amazing...i love the environnements in the game,the villages look fantastic and so do the ennemies.The game is quite linear thouugh and the puzzle are very simple and some say they have finished the game in 20 hours.Gamespot gave the game a 6.5 but i feel this game deserves more.Personnaly i would give it a 8.5 overall,this is a great first try at an Action/adventure RPG from Climax,who are more known for their racing games.
Wow, Riel.
I am surprised to hear you say this. I tried the demo and found it quite cumbersome. I had read alot about Sudeki and I was quite excited to try it out. I was very surprised to find it so awkward. Now I do understand that it was only a demo and that demos are not the actual product, but I could never get used to the camera. I was constantly having to spin it around and I was always spinning it in the wrong direction. Maybe there's a "option" to switch or something, I didn't look.
The thing I did like though was the spell select (slow down the action but you can still get hurt) idea.
I am very glad to hear that you like it so much though. There are tons of games that didn't review so well that I loved.
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