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Full Version: Whats that?
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Curiousity has reached me today, i noticed some people have group names called "Neophyte Caste" i've now idea whatsoever that is. People who were in AT since PSO? talk to me people, end my curiousity ^_~
The AT is more than a gaming forum, it's an online gaming guild, Neo Paragon, Arbiter, and Dark Temp are all sections of the guild, (Neo being the lowest or "New", and Dark Temp being the "creators" of this lovely place I call home.)

Maybe dive can explain it better. Dive, take it from here:
Wirru, you and a lot of newer people here are likely unaware of the nature of The Apocalypse Tribe and its history. I'll give some information on AT for you and others.

Like Dorian said, The AT is a "Guild". We have been around since early 2001 when Phantasy Star Online came out. AT existed before then in some form, but the AT everyone knows today came to be through PSO.

When we set up on this forum, Woe and I decided to split up the Veterans from the newer AT members with User Groups.

Dorian explained it quite well, but I should elaborate a bit.

Neophyte Caste are members of the AT Guild who have recently been added to the roster.

Paragon Caste are members who have been in AT for a long time, most since the beginning. Neophytes can and do get "promoted" to Paragon after a time, or for exhibiting qualities above and beyond.

Dark Templar is simply the user group for the AT creators/forum admins . This is a two member group consisting of Woe and myself.

Arbiter Caste is a special user group. The Arbiters are the Moderators of the forum, and take care of topic and user maintenace from day to day.

Associates are what they sound like, AT's close friends and forum members.

This heirarchy is not as apparent on the AT Linkshell. The AT Linkshell was created with the intent of being the Linkshell of this site, which includes everyone who posts here. Being a member of the AT Guild is a special honor but AT tries to treat everyone equally.

What does it mean to be an AT Guild member? I will leave that question to anyone who is in the AT Guild to answer if they choose to.
What does it mean to be an AT Guild member? I will leave question to anyone who is in the AT Guild to answer.

It means hot sex, cold beer and pot 24 hours a day!

Ok but really: It's an honor to be apart of AT, a lot of good people are a part of this Guild. It means to me good friends who stick by eachother no matter what's going down. We abuse eachother, laugh with eachother it's really awesome.
It also means you get to pick on Dorian and steal his lunch money every day. bash.gif

/gives him painful, but friendly slap on the back
What are you talking about? Dorian IS lunch... beigebiggrin.gif
I undertsand, it's similar to a system a guild i was in previous used to do. (A now broken guild beigebigrazz.gif)

Though one thing erks me a little.....if dorian is food.....and dorian eats me.......whoa? O.O

Edit: I understand quite a bit better now, dorian explained how some of all of thise works and quite a full proof system! but the food thing...thats still another problem O.O
A little something known as the food chain...
I hope you got a court order for exhuming this thread. pirate.gif
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