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Full Version: Fatal Frame
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I know we have a small set of horror survival fans here.
Sorry, there are no elves in this game.
This is the first one for the Xbox, not part two which I think only came out for the PS2.
Anyways... this game actually scares me. beigelaugh.gif
I was playing last night at around midnight. I am only about three hours into it so I am sure that none of the more intense stuff has even happened yet, but it still freaks me out. At night time, I wear earphones so I don't wake up my sleeping wife in the next room. Although I have to watch it still because there are many many places in Fatal Frame where some sound effect will totally make me jump and possibly yell.
I would give the game about 7 out of 10. It's fun, but it's not .. great. The camera as a weapon is an interesting idea, but I find it awkward, Maybe I am just too used to having instant access to a gun or something like in Resident Evil or Silent Hill games.
This game still weirds me out though. Enough to make me run from the living room to the bed room when I turn out the house lights. Safe under the bed sheets!!
The game is supposedly based on a true story, as for the second one being fiction. True stories always freak me out cause I think "What if it's true?!"
The game was creepy. I never got to beat it twice however thanks to FFXI lol. And since my bro moved the PS2 in the living room (which I have it for), I can't jump up and play anytime anymore. O told him it's coming back in here when Silent Hill 4 and RE:Outbreak 2 comes out.
I remember rented the game for the PS2,i thought it was cool and wanted to buy it.Then i heard about the XBox version coming out a bit later so i waited...problem is this game is very rare for the XBox and it was 79 bucks(before taxes here)so i waited to find it used and low and behold,about a month ago i found i can finish and i agree Uni,it's a creepy game,best played in total darkness with Headphones on hehe...oh part 2 is also coming to XBox later after all. buttrock.gif
hoboy. i played the game a couple weeks after it came out, got to the fourth night, and chickened out.

i remember one night my friend and i had both rented the game, and we were playing it at the same time over the phone around midnight. i hung up the phone for some random reason and left the game paused, and when i came back there were bloody handprints on the screen. i freaked out - and then i realized that it was the game's idle screensaver.

i also had the pleasure of hearing him scream on the first night when the guy falls from the rope room's beams RIGHTONTOTHESCREEN. bwahaha.

the rooopes..


(still haven't had the time, nor money to nab crimson butterfly)

Glad to hear that I am not the only fraidy cat here. I love scary movies, monsters, zombies, ghosts.. all that stuff. I guess the reason this game freaks me out is that fact that I am wearing earphones and I am all alone in a farily dark room. Total immersion.
Ferra, the bloody handprints on the screen would have made pee my pants. Totally.
That's great! beigelaugh.gif
So... Fatal Frame 2 is coming to Xbox, eh? Cool! I could always use another scary game.
I cannot wait for SH4, btw. Or RE4, for that matter.
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