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This is a piece I did for a sig contest on another forum. The rules were it had to be 470x200 and it had to contain your name somewhere on it. I just wanted to share it with AT.

user posted image
Not bad... not bad at all.
Very nice, Dive. king.gif
that sig's why i came here lol. i also post at PoL,but for my own reasons i will stop visiting there soon, so i thought i'd catch ya here dive. i personally, (please don't flame me, i'm not trying to get off on a bad foot) think that sig you did looked rushed, because the colours clashed, and there was reflection in it, which as a designer ( the making) you should never use symmettrical backgrounds as they enclose the focal point. What did draw my attention however, was the sig you are using, whihc i thought was bloody superb!!! so i thought i'd come here because you play PSO, as i do, and you seem to be quite the arty place too.

Also, as a fellow artist/designer,Dive, would you say that in an art contest, proportions of a picture should be restricted to a fixed size, rather than a range? I've been expressing art at school for a while now (i'm 15, but we do lots of arts at my school) and i always find that proprtion and dimensions give a piece of work that brilliant touch to it, and i feel having that freedom removed denies you of your own talent. just curious if yoiu agree.

By the way, i really do like the sig, is that photography in the background yours, or form somewhere else, or not photography at all? please tell me as i just find that signature is very deep, and that makes it hard for me, as usually i can just see a sig, and see exaclty what they've done, but with yours my mind is a blank.

for the 470X200 one you contributed, i can just pick pretty much exactly how you made it, but the otehr one frustrates me because it's not just photoshop trickery, but actual artistic flair involved....
First off: Dive, nice work. You know you can always depend on my unbiased opinions in these matters. beigesmile.gif

(please don't flame me, i'm not trying to get off on a bad foot)

Ok, (and I think everyone here at the AT board would agree) nobody here would "flame" someone for stating an honest opinion about anything. Welcome to the board OzzaJW. ^ ^

Welcome to the AT forum OzzaJW, we are always happy to see new members. I'm glad you signed up and hope you stick around. beigesmile.gif

Thanks for the opinions and critcism, I do not "flame" people for giving an honest response. In fact I don't think you will see much "flaming" at this board at all.

When you say that it looks "rushed" you are not at all far from the truth. When I saw that contest I debated whether I would have time to come up with something I would consider worthy. I decided to give it a go and did that in about an hour, so you are right on when saying it is rushed. I am extremely busy and don't usually have time to do custom pieces or enter into contests, but I wanted to contribute something to this board as I was a new member there.

Concerning contests and limitations on size and content. I think that you will come to see that you will end up sacrificing a lot to please others. Are you considering making a career out of art or is it just a pastime? If you are considering entering into a design field, you will end up having to lose alot of your vision, as "paying " clients will almost always want the finished work quite different than what you had intended. I do not like to compromise my vision but sometimes, evidenced by this contest, it needs to be done to please the "client".

Pure art is far better, being able to work without any restrictions or limitations. I prefer this path. I do not agree with the rules stated but I consider the sponsor a "client" and will follow their guidlines to the letter. Something you should think about if you are considering a design career.

I think you do excellent work Ozza, I am really impressed with what I have seen and hope to see more. Do you do other types of work besides computer generated?

This current sig is some heavily modified stock photography of an old factory. I have lots of stock images stored and this one in particular struck me with it's splash of white. It's basically just cropped, stretched and proceesed, with some added flair. I appreciate your interest.
thx for the welcome, and thanks for not flaming me lol.

and i really do liek that sig again lol.

as for me going into non computer generated art i'm doign a GCSE and hopefully a-level in it, but to be honest i suck with a paintbrush and pencil, which is why i like popart and modern art so much. I prefer to leave the audience thinking over my work, rather than them being restricted to what i put on canvas.On signatures however i generally go for a direct aproach, and usually prefer to see how much stuff i can fit in and retain taste and style.

And i am seriously considering a career in design, and have kind of started it already, by doing a few logo's for my PSO community, and a dozen or so paying job's for redesigning companies' logo's, completely redesignign looks (like website themes, general colours and attitudes brought across by appearance) so i do hope to kick off soon. As for working for clients and restrictions, i'm fine with that, despite loving creativeness, i'm also very lazy, so i don't midn ideas being put in my head lol. It's just that in a contest of our own work, rather than work for something, i feel my abilities should not be restricted. if, liek at my forum currently we're gettign the community to make banners for the forums, they have to fit something, so we restrict that, but i feel there is an unclear, but very strong divide between a contest of your artistic ability, and a contest of your artistic ability, that is to be used for a specific purpose.
It sounds like you are off to a great start to a career in graphic design of you decide to pursue that field. I wish you the best in your endeavours. Like I said before I think your work is excellent and very professional.

Just to add my to any contest, there are rules. The contest can't very well be made to be very easy, can it?

I'm sorry you will be "leaving" PoL, Ozza, just because of a limitation to a sig contest. The contest was for fun and to build moral. And the funny thing about it, was I let my SON choose the winner. Sorry, my 4 yr olds eyes, your creation wasn't up to par. I hope that doesn't add more salt to your frustrations, Ozza, that I let my son have the final say. But he was sick and it made him feel important.

But on a good note, Dive won the contest, and I, for one, feel he deserved it.
Ozza I am not sure why you are deciding to leave PoL. If it is regarding this contests rules, please don't. I would hate to think that I had some part in all this. I hope this will get resolved without too much disorder. attention.gif
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