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Full Version: Nintendo HD Revealed!!
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I seen this at Best Buy and I immediately bought it.
Funny how I never heard of this memory card before.
Sorry if I let anyone down beigelaugh.gif

I never seen nintendo Memory cards of that size before. BTW, Nintendo releasing a HD?
Pwahahahaha... *cough*
They can't even get their damn games online, let alone release a HD.
oooh! That's alot of blocks!
Funny, if Nintendo did release a hard drive, coupled with the GBA adaptor, they'd have to rename the GameCube to be called GameTower! Then, they could make an N64 adaptor.. and then a SNES one... and then ... and then ... :D The GameLEGO!!

Seeing the Advanced Wars box DJ, reminds me about the upcoming Advance Wars GC. I hope I'm better at the new one than that GBA version. Man, I suck at that game.
I never finished AW2. I'm at the last battle and its a timed one =T
I think the GC version is a real time action game rather than a strategy one.

A GameLego..... interesting! It'll be cool if they include the little lego people hehe.
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