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Full Version: Heres something for everyone!
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This is an online comic which was started about two or 3 years ago, and i've noticed lately that the humor just seems to match that of our LS. A comic about a few roommates who always play video games. One smart, one dumb, others intorduced.

Don't be discouraged by its drawings though, they get much much better as you read on beigesmile.gif

Enjoy beigesmile.gif
Wiruu, you sucks so much it's not even funny.... But that comic was awesome.
its not the only one, theres like 300 next button located below comic beigebiggrin.gif
lol i'm reading to much of these, fuckin hilarious...why does it remind me of people/conversations on the linkshell beigelaugh.gif
Man this comic sucks. I sure hope you didn't draw or write it, Wir.

Every time I hit the "next" button its like another punch in the uterus.
Why do I always subject myself to this?
I like ctrl+alt+del.
my all time favorite comic is still also good. has a couple good comics, namely the early strips of angst technology. has comics for all situations in life.
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