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Full Version: Street Fighter fans...
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Vitamin D
Download this. It's from EVO 2K4 (perhaps the biggest fighting game tournament held each year.) This video was from the finals of 3rd strike and...just watch. O_O

Hehe, yeah.. pretty slick.
I get to see and fight players of that calibur where I game. Full parrying Chun-Li's Lightning Kicks super-art isnt all that difficult... but since that was a tourney, and his health was down to so low, that must have been intense. I could imagine holding my breath during that whole parry sequence and shouting at the top of my lungs, just like the rest of'em. Hehehe.

Thats why I love 3rd Strike. It's never over, until its KO!
Dam that was awesome as hell!! Hahahha.
Made me say WTF throughout the day.

Man that reminds me of that time someone parried my full Shinuken or how every it's spelt. To bad I'm out of the fighting game scene
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