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Full Version: Resident Evil - Remake
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First let me state that I love horror survival games.
Second, I totally suck at them.
Ok, now that's out of the way.
I bought Resident Evil - Remake well over a year ago and I have been slowly picking away at it since. I tend to shoot everything, and everything tends to bite me. So, I use alot of bullets and various med kits. Usually it ends up with me not having any ammo so I can't defend myself (don't even talk to me about using the knife) or I run completely out of med kits and end up getting eaten my some stupid dog or over grown leach or something. Last night, after a long web session of watching Silent Hill 4 trailers (omg so cool i can't wait), I decided to give RE another shot. I am happy to announce that I made it to disk two! This is seriously good news for me. I never, ever made it to disk two in Code Veronica. I barely finished RE2 and I don't think I ever beat the damn Nemesis in RE3.
So, yeah to me for getting to disk two in REmake! Here's to finishing the game before RE4 comes out! hahaa... Then again, SH4 comes out next month and I am all over that one. Damn, I also want REZero. So much horror...
Keep reachin' for that rocket launcher.
You'll have fun with it once you get it (IF you get it).
I think you get a handgun with unlimited ammo first though.
And you get access to the secret wardrobe.

And RE0 have rabid monkeys and stuff! MONKEYS!!
You should get it.
oh yea... AND LEECHES!!

l always liked RE over SH, so RE4 is a deff. buy. (This part is to put SCU down!) I used to be horrible in these games when RE 1 came out, but by RE2, me and my blunt weapon would own all! Mwahahahahaha. I learned the hard way (just as we all have) that ammo is VERY scarce, so I never use it at all, unless it's a boss fight.

Blame the jewish girlfriend.
Aww man, GREAT job scu. I love that remake, almost as much as Code veronica. You must really be getting good cause the guys in the remake where no joke. From super zombie that run after you and chase you through rooms. to super monkeys who attack you before you can see them. God I love that game.

Just wait intill you get nvsable zombie mode. @.@;
Monkeys! Leeches! Invisible zombies!! Aww, man. Now you guys are just trying to screw with me!
and Dorian, something about you "attacking" with your "blunt weapon" just makes me laugh. beigelaugh.gif

QUOTE (unitself @ Aug 13 2004, 10:51 AM)
Monkeys! Leeches! Invisible zombies!! Aww, man. Now you guys are just trying to screw with me!
and Dorian, something about you "attacking" with your "blunt weapon" just makes me laugh. beigelaugh.gif

I'll attack you with my blunt object!
Ok, this part technically contains spoilers. If you haven't played RE:Remake yet and still want to enjoy the game to its fullest, stop reading this thread.


Yeah, I know the game is like 10 years old...

So, you guys warned me.

I was quite amazed at the lack of faster, stronger zombie mutants at the start of disk two. Then, I got a key and opened up a door or two and ran into lots of these little things i hadn't seen before. They weren't too difficult to take down, it was just that there were alot of them and they burned thru my defense weapon. it was cool watching them pop and fizzle when they died though. Are these the monkeys?
So, then, after turning on the power I ran into Barry and we took the elevator down. I thought he was going to shoot me he entire ride down, but he didn't. Cut scene - plot twists - excitement... Then, damn, a tyrant prototype or something. I knew something bad was going to happen when I saw Barry and the elevator so I grabbed a shotgun and grenade launcher. So, technically, I was ready, but my heart wasn't in it and I died only after shooting the tyrant three times with some acid or something.
Love them zombies!
The monkeys & leeches comes in on RE:Zero.
The Tyrant isn't all that hard. Just gotta do alot of running.
All this talk of Res Evil makes me wonder, any new Action Horor coming out soon fro CG or PS2?
hrm... GC or PS2? um...
Fatal Frame 2 is out for PS2 already.
I don't know of anything other than RE4 coming out for GC, but that's not for awhile now.
I know you didn't ask about Xbox, but Silent Hill 4! ROCK THE HORROR! Isn't SH4 coming to PS2 also?
and of course Doom 3 for PC is also out and coming out for Xbox soon.

Speaking of zombies -
Excellent read!!! I've already got my gear ready.
Thanks SCU RE4 is a deff. buy. Doom 3 looks cool to, my only gripe with doom is that you couldn't jump... Can you in doom 3? lol
I like the new look of RE4. Dark alleys and damp basements are creepy but add in a bleak european countryside to the mix and you have a game reminiscent of 28 Days Later.

Lots of good games coming out, I hope I have time to try this one.
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