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Full Version: Hurricane's a'Comin!
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for those who dont know..i live in FL. and unless Hurricane Charley's path changes i'm directly in it's path, it's heading north/northeast and should be making landfall sometime mid day today in the tampa bay area... we live directly NW of Tampa, only about 45 min away, pray for meeee, i live in a trailor. if i'm not on tonight you know why, i can safely say i'll be without electricity come tonight. candles candles candles weeeeeeeee
Having lived in Houston, TX for a number of years, I have been thru several hurricanes. So, I know what you're going thru. Not fun.
Remember what the movies tell us, "duck and cover!" Oh wait, wasn't that for a nuclear bomb?

Be safe! Mute, you too!!
Sounds like fun. Living in NY the worst we get is a blackout caused by lazy fuckes at the electric company......

I want some natural disaster to kill my whole family, so I can be free, free, I WANT TO BE FREE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha ha hah hah
want some natural disaster to kill my whole family, so I can be free, free, I WANT TO BE FREE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ha ha hah hah

well if your family is anything like astrid just make them do some excersize .. they will drop like flies beigebiggrin.gif lmao

also elli that sucks do reply iff j00 are ok
all is well no power at home though so i'm up at my grandfather's place staying till tomorrow ...was listening to news on the radio and they finally got trees out of the way in Punta Gorda, Fl. ..that's on the coast where the hurricane made land fall, and they're find people dead, people that either didnt make it out in time or decided to stay with their trailors didnt make it. we were very lucky ..up here at my grandfather's place, there were roads completely blocked by fallen oak trees, and power lines down in people's yards, they just go power back in this area a few minutes before we got here so we lucked out, last night was so unberable without any AC, or lights. well making food cause i'm starving...i can finally cook lol.
hooray for being landlocked.
Glad your ok Elli, take care and be safe
Man, i was watching the news, I wish I was there, it sounded awesome. I'd be all like "Bring it on you bitch!" and take out my katana, but I'm insane.
here's a web site i found with some pics...punta gorta is where the hurricane made landfall, and polk county is where i live...there's pics from both, lucky we didnt get hit like this near my home, but still no power schools are out for a week.Hurricane pictures
At least you're safe, lucky kids, school is out. beigebiggrin.gif
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