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Full Version: Hello Everyone
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Hello All. Dive, very nice forums you got here...the skin rocks buttrock.gif

Well, a little about me. I am the admin at PoL, by which where I met Dive. Heard through the grapevine he had a forum and just had to check it out. Very impressed! Love the smilies. mog.gif <--cute
Wow lots of new members today beigebigeek.gif

Welcome and greetings Bootilicus, great to see you here. I'm glad you like the site, hope you enjoy our company and have fun. king.gif
Hey there! =) Dive, I hope you have the bar well stocked for all these newcomers. ;)

Protectors of Love, eh? Sounds like my kind of people... I'll have to check it out.

Enjoy your stay, Bootilicius! =D
Yah...feel free to sign up. Any friend of Dive's is more than welcome.

And, what IS up with the bar? A nice cold one would taste good about now. toast.gif
Well, things got a little crazy there in the Pub for a while... but I think it's about to calm down finally.

Hehe... the Pub is a place for a little RP action with our PSO characters. Feel free to join in! If you play PSO and you want to tell us a little about your character, that would be great. If not, no worries... all are welcome. Just belly up to the bar, and Dive will take care of you. ;)

Also, if you're interested... you can find some back-stories and bios for a few of our characters somewhere around here as well. It might help ya understand some of the nonsense going on in the Pub. ;)
Hey there! welcome to Dive and I's site, the home of the legendary Apocalypse Tribe :D any friend of dive is more than welcome!

Points toward the bar

we have everything and anything you could possibly want on ice!
Welcome to the board Bootilicus. beigesmile.gif Pull up a chair and some chicken wings, and make yourself at home. ^ ^
Welcome! Welcome!
hey there nice to meet ya spinning.gif welcome to the AT forum nice sig evilking.gif
Thanks for the welcome. I don't think I could ever not take advantage of chicken wings.
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