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Full Version: Chains of Promathia Box Art Revealed
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Square Enix has unveiled the final box art for the highly anticipated Chains of Promathia FFXI expansion.

Both the PC and PS2 version have a target release date of September 21st.

Playstation 2 Box Art
That looks very cool! I like the colors.

I wonder if we can get a free poster with the preorder, like with FFXI?
The JadeDragon
At first glance, that thing behind the chick looks like the summon Alexander. Well to me at least...
I was just about to comment about how much that large thing there looks like alexander, but also, i think its a guy in front of it, much of the art in final fantasy tend to make males look like females. O.o

EDIT: plus i just noticed theres a close up of the same character on a GMR magazine :O

EDIT2: Also crush, as of this moment, no news on a free poster with a down payment, at EBGames anyways beigebigrazz.gif
That's Promathia, the giant thing in the back, I remember the signa from when I saw the statue.

>:D Hooray. Gorgeous art, it reminds me of the Zilart wallpaper I have on my PC right now.
Wow... that looks totally sweet. Too bad I won't be getting it.
Nice art. Me likey. It is the same as the PS2 box art?

EDIT: Didn;t see that link at the bottom >.>
um, thats Promethia behind the person, I'm betting thats the npc named only as "Enigmatic Youth"
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