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Full Version: Dirge of Cerberus
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Square Enix has recently registered the enigmatic trademark "Dirge of Cerberus"

Info from

Followers of the Square Enix mystery trademark sweepstakes may be interested to know that there's been another entry. On August 4, the publisher registered a trademark for "Dirge of Cerberus" in reference to game software and myriad forms of related merchandise.

Dirge of Cerberus goes in the hopper with "Dawn of Souls" and "Radiata Stories" as Square Enix's most recent trademarks that may eventually become the titles of notable games (or, alternatively, minor wireless gaming projects). This latest entry gives off the aura of a Final Fantasy XI expansion, but that's nothing more than a wild guess at this point.

If any of the above ever become more than an entry in a trademark database, we'll of course update with more details.

Possibly a future FFXI expansion pack?

hmm, there is already a "Dirge of Bismarck" beigelaugh.gif

cue X-Files Main Theme teleport.gif
You should create a character on the Cerberus server and beat 'em to the punch! >:D
Looks like this will be a FF7 spinoff title.

info and picture ripped from Crush at Ninjagamer pirate.gif

user posted image

That's fantastic! :D Vincent was always my favorite FF7 character. Now Yuffie and Cid need to get in on the action, too.
Damn that looks pretty funky. If the controls are tight and camera is well placed, I'm there. However, I guess I need to finish FF7 since the little thing at the bottom says "Completion of Final Fantasy VII."
Ahh but if you look closer:
user posted image
Could be some bad engrish but who knows!

And what's up with this guy??
user posted image
Looks like a stoned Tseng to me.
It says "Compilation of Final Fantasy 7", which I guess is the title the are lumping all the FF7 spinoffs under now, at least in Japan.

That would include:

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis
Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus

EDIT: That pirate guy is always in FAMITSU, I think it is one of the editors... Some crazy joke they have inside the magazine or some crap.
Damn I need glasses.
What exactly is the Before Crisis title gonna be about?
I think it takes place before the time that the original FF7 is set. Advent Children is somewhere after I believe. As for DoC.... I have no clue.
Before Crisis is, like the name says before the story shown in FF7. You play as the Turks (and the presidents son..whatever his name was), and... that's about all I know story-wise.

Sadly (or luckily?) its a cell-phone game, compatible only with japanese phone systems, so unless some AT members live in japan you won't get to play it.

Advent Children is set after FF7, I'm not too clear how much after, and Dirge of Cerberus is 1 year after the events in AC.
lol @ Vincent may cry.

This to me just proves that the gaming industry is running out of ideas and trying to make as much money as soon as possible. But who knows, if this is set to realse on a next generation console I may change my mind. Still, I would like to see more original ideas rather then pre-quals and spinoffs to our cherished games. Or worst yet, horrible Gameboy advance sequals.

I'm just pissed off that Armored Core Nexus hasn't been released already Damit! cry2.gif
user posted image

Just reviving this thread to let you know the Offical Dirge of Cerberus Site is up. Pretty neat flash site with a couple wallpapers for download. However, it's all in Japanese. Looks like this is coming to PS2 and it appears that Cait Sith is one of the playable characters. beigelaugh.gif
Wow... that website's pretty cool. Somewhat disappointed Cait Sith is sans moogle this time.
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