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Full Version: Get your shine on...
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New Shining Force for PS2
Shining Force

From the looks of the screenshots, the game looks pretty hectic.
I still want SFIII scenario II & III! Translated and everything.
Shine Get!!

New RPG? Wasn't there a Shining Force 2 on some system a while back?
Man those have to be the ugliest screenshots i've ever seen hehe...still i hope they keep the strategy,tile based gameplay,like FFTA or Vandal Hearts,i love those kind of games...the one that just came out is the remake of Shining Force 1 Dorian,on the GameBoy Advance,which was great.
Hopefully, they increase the level of strategy a bit more for this next installment. I think I remember seeing pics for the PS2 shining force awhile back. I'm not too sure, but I remember reading something about two player gameplay(JPN version). It's been awhile, so changes could of been made. Either way, I'm looking foward to the game.
New screenies!
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Sep 18 2004, 06:56 PM)
New screenies!

Thanks DJ ^^
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