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Full Version: Did we start advertising somewhere?
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What the heck, whered so many guests come from all of a sudden at 9:00 AM? beigebigeek.gif
There must be porn somewhere!!
To the bat cave!

hahahaha, i love your sig retehi beigebiggrin.gif


on topic: i've come to believe we are a fairly popular google destination o.o
I think I know who it was, but if I told you, they'd have to kill me.
If you aearch for FFXI info sometimes our this site pops up. ALot of the guests like to look at "Dragoon Quest" heh...
I posted a picture from a link here a bit ago to a couple friends in IRC. Could've been it.
That's strange. I am betting it was search bots. We had this happen last year, the bots camped out on the board for hours, eating up bandwidth. I had to ban the entire IP range to get rid of them. That many guests is too far from the norm, there are usually never more than 3-4 at a time.

If it happens again I will take measures to squash them. bash.gif
Isn't there an option in the invision admin panel that turns off search bots? If you don't want them to go to your site, they won't go.
*takes out the bug spray* beigebiggrin.gif
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