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Full Version: Two New Quests
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Diversions > Phantasy Star
Phantasmal World 1 & 2 were released a couple weeks ago sometime. Both of them take CCA and break them up into 2 sections each. Phantasmal World 1 (PW1)takes you into Jungle and then Seaside. Both of these quests give you quite a bit of experience and Seaside has a ton of Gi Gues in it. PW2 takes you into Mountain and CCA. Mountain has a ton of Gibbles in which one area makes you fight four of them at once! CCA does the first few areas then has about 3x the last room in Famitsu. So both of these quests give a lot of xp and are a ton of fun. Also for completing the quest you get "lucky coins" in which you use them in the roulette at gallons. All I have to say is you can win a new shield called Black Gear and UBER % weapons from Nol (Ive only managed a 70% hit H&S25 Justices but they still own). So you people that still have HLs get on!
Heh..I saw AC9 on a few nights back. He said he only got on cause FFXI was having maintence or something. Here's what I say to FFXI..
guns.gif sniperer.gif crash.gif
I can probably only see you and me doing these, Zio.
Yeah Im sure I'll be doing these quests for awhile to come. Maybe we can do these saturday night?
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