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Full Version: Operation: Snowblind
Apocalypse Tribe HQ > Headquarters > The Apocalypse Bar
Upon entering the command center of ATHQ, your world seems to be engulfed in a crimson hue from the Alert sirens. behind the primary terminal stand the Iron column of Apocalypse, Claymore. after everyone has arived the sirens drown into the background and the towering hucast speaks in an omniously digital voice.

Welcome Tribe. this is not a Drill. moments ago in the medibay Harbinger regained conciousness long enough to disclose a set of transporter Coordinates. these Coordinates also match the set discovered by Shinoba. Moreover photon activity at the site has increased more than 200% in the last two hours. I shall personaly lead a reconisance squad to the site via dropship to avoid transporter traces.

Our Primary objectives are:
- Maintain stealth during incertion and Extraction.
- Identification and neutralization of all hostile threats.
- Search the Facility mainframe for any relevant data.

Secondary Objectives being:
- Minimize non-hostile casualties.
- Investigation of the assault on Harbringer.

Rinn made her way through the corridors of the AT compound, following the illuminated path to the breifing room. She felt nervous and excited all at once. This was the first time in years... ever since her time on board the Sol Bianca... that she actually felt like she fit in somewhere. She was bound and determined to be a part of this mission... and even AT itself.

No way am I getting left behind on this one...

When she arrived at the breifing room, she found it empty save for a formidable android standing towards the front. Rinn's heart was racing as she approached the intimidating Claymore.

Geez, this guy is huge...

Claymore was a mountain of blue metal towering over Rinn. She nearly had to strain her neck to look the 'driod in the "eyes" as she stood before him. She attempted to sounds calm as she spoke, "So, ah... what's a girl gotta do to get signed on around here?"
I was in the middle of examining the results from the scan on that broken vile when i heard the alert go off. I had already discovred some intresting details about what was once inside. I left the analysis to the computer i can check it when i get back i thought to myself as i made my way to the command center.

*Necron enters the CC he stands silently in the back of the room listeing to Clay's brief after he finishes Necron aproaches clay*

Clay i have some things to tell you before we leave or anyone else decides to go let's talk in private

*clay and necron go into the far corner of the room where nobody can hear there conversation*

I've discovred some things you should know and ill let you tell the members at your own discression... i belive that we should be suspicous of that RAmar in the bar tonight that vile he had containd a mutated form of the D type cell and even in it's trace form it still contains vast amouts of Photon energy... even now it grows.. it seeems to coincide with the rise at the Polar station and the patterns match those on Harbingers combat battered uniform.. so i belive this RAmar knows something about the relay staion and he seems familiar like i know him from somewhere but i can't put my finger on it
*Necron pauses and seems to lose himself in thought*

Oh and I also hacked into calus as Dive suggested and dug around a bit but it seems as far as Calus knows its just an ordianary relay staion but in a hidden folder. I found alot of requisitons for more power to be diverted there. Something is seriously wrong and i suggest you tell all of us not to take this mission lightly there is no telling what kind of mutations the mutated D-cell has caused oh and sign me up i wouldnt miss this for all the meseta on P2

*necron then walks to a seat and sits down trying to think where he knows that RAmar from*
stands with his arms folded, listening to Necrons report.

Well, if this isn't the intresting chain of events...

Claymore rests one hand on necrons shoulder plate.

Let's keep this between us for now. i want you to keep tabs on this guy.. report back to me personaly with any further findings.

Walks back over to Layrinn near the head of the control center

'Rinn i feel you will prove invaluable on this mission. I am granting you Active status with the tribe, effective immediately. upon return i shall oversee your induction into the tribe personaly.

Clay' walks to a terminal in the corner of the room and inputs some information at lightning fast, android speed. a safe box under the terminal unlocks digitaly... he procures something from the hold and again locks it. returning to Layrinn

Layrinn, hold up your armlet...

The hunewearl does so, and clay places a small insignia of an "A", over a "T" on layrinn's armlet

this is an Apocalypse transponder, i can now locate you anywhere on Ragol, or Pioneer 2. you can also use it to return to our facilities transporter from any location. everyone has one for saftey reasons, its quite valuable in a bad situation.

the android waits for more members to arive, staring at the door in an unbreakable gaze.
Upon leaving the Apocalypse Bar, Bryn walked with deliberate, unhurried steps to the war room.

As Claymore’s metallic voice echoed over the intercom, she wondered if she was really up for a new mission. She knew she would go regardless of the strange sense of foreboding that clung to her, but paranoia began to take hold as she thought on the long look Rinn had given her before they had left. Were her feelings that apparent? She just hoped that she could overcome her present mental state, in order not to be a liability to the team.

As the door to the war room opened, she noted that even given her slow arrival, only Layrinn and Necron were in attendance. On entering the room she was greeted by the sight of Claymore, virtually bristling with impatience. She crossed her arms in front of her, and raised an eyebrow at the massive droid. Through long association, no amount of his robotic bluster could possibly intimidate her.

“So, are we planning a trip?”
Moments after Bryn arrives at the Command Center a voice is heard echoing down the metallic hallways of ATHQ. All eyes turn to the doorway as the sound nears, words ring out...

"Listen you must return, I cannot guarantee your health." The unmistakable tone of the Med Center's Chief Nurse arouses curiosity among the company. Bryn looks towards Layrinn who peers back, throwing a glance at Necron who in turn faces Claymore, as the mighty Hucast nods his head. You could almost say that the Droid had managed a smirk through it's Titanium gaze.

"Please, you are in no condition to undertake any mission." The pleas of the medic continue as the door to the Command Center glides open. A dim figure enters and crosses the room followed by the Chief Nurse. Entering the light of the staging area, Harbinger pauses and gives a grim stare to his companions.

"This engagement will require my attention." He steps down into the lower staging area, attempting to conceal his obvious pain in movement. Layrinn moves to his side, offering whatever help she can give. Harbinger raises his hand in defiance.

"No Rinn, I can walk. Please we have little time." Layrinn frowns with concern as she steps back, allowing the Fomar space and to grimace with each step. He approaches Claymore and peers up at the menacing Hucast, giving a nod and he turns to face the rest.

"This is what I remember. I had been sent by Tyrell to investigate the Relay Station at the polar ice cap. He told me that the Lab was involved in research there but had kept their information from him. I was to travel there via an ummanned supply vessel and recon the area" Harbinger pauses to catch his breath, leaning on the console.

"I arrived and exited the ship just outside the facility. I cautiously made my way closer to the station, noticing Wave Field Generators on standby when I was hit by a blast from a Photon charged weapon, possibly a rifle of some sort as it was from long range. As I attempted to seek cover inside the supply ship I was thrown back by a wall of flame as more shots struck me." Bryn sees Harbinger's eyes dart left and right, reliving the moment. She looks to Layrinn and sees the horror evident in her eyes as well.

"I must have been knocked unconcious inside the supply ship and brought back to Central Dome. I awoke inside Pioneer 2 and came here shortly afterward." He turns to Claymore.

"Somebody doesn't want Pioneer 2 to know what's going on up there...."
Claymore nods in aproval as his long time conpanion; the ever eliquent Brynhilde waltzes into the room, graceful as ever. the HUcast doesn not move a servo as Harbinger staggers into the Heart of the AT Facility, knowing all to well the FOmar would not accept anything but his own strength as support. After Harb' speaks to the group Clay' nods at Harbinger, Admiring his strength and resolve. traits not so common among the more fragile races. then again, the likes of the croud in this room are not to be trifled with. The hucast speaks again, in a very calm and serious tone.

I want you all to be very careful out there. Somebody is trying relentlessly to obsucre this facility. After the Assault on Harbinger, it appears they will go to any length to achive this."

suddenly a small Red display on a nearby terminal truns green

"The drop ship is ready"

the hucast glares at the door again, tapping his fingers on his shoulder guard in a methotical, precise manner...

clank.... clank... clank... clank...

"Night is about to fall on the polar cap, we leave in one hour."
in the following hour, the apocalypse facility buzzes with activity as the dropship is prep'ed, weapons are armed, and the tribesmen go through there typical pre-combat rituals, some check and re-check their weapons, others pray to Apocalypse. All realize the daunting task at hand

Sixty minutes later, the Squad of warriors stands ready before the dropship. awaiting the upcomming events with sheer determination. with a final glance through the squad, a simple "its time" echo's from claymores audio emiters. launch beacons begin to flash throughout the spacedock as the tribe enters the dropship. Claymore takes the pilot seat and jacks into the navigation computer, beginning the launch sequence.

Within seconds the dropship is uncoupled from the bulkhead of the dock, and drawn out of the bay by the vacum of space. with a violent rumble the Engines kick on with authority, propelling the ship toward Ragol at breakneck speed....
Rinn sits strapped in her seat with a girlish grin on her face. To look at her, one would think she was on her way to a party... not a dangerous combat mission. She playfully fusses with a lock of her long black hair as she gazes at the shiny new insignia on her arm-band. Gone are her feelings of nervousness and apprehension. She knows she is surrounded by those who are both fearless warriors and trusted friends. She is filled with a supreme (but perhaps somewhat naive) confidence that together they can accomplish anything.

The shuttle jolts to life and Rinn giggles a little as the violent launch rocks her in her seat. She looks up and smiles brightly at Bryn who is seated across from her and calls out over the roar of the ship's engines...

"Isn't this so exciting?!"
But the drop ship does not go alone, for their is a certain HUmar with a duty to fufill...

*Crackle* Sho..Shojin were ready for liftoff, Are you ready?*Crackle*

*Crackle* Everythings a go, affirmitive*Crackle*

*Crackle* Liftoff in 10....9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2..1....We have Liftoff!*Crackle*

The capsize shuttle, room for one, was a couple years old, so it dangled for a couple seconds before reaching warp speed.

"You just dont get the kind of acceleration you need, when you get these older Shuttles"

*Crackle* Im on route, towards the drop ship, there on my radar, Ill keep in contact *Crackle*

*Crackle*Give me that!*Crackle*

*Crackle*Ye..yes sir...*Crackle*

*Crackle*Ahh so you can do something right? Now if it gets bad, you get out of there. We want you back in one piece*Crackle*

*Crackle* Gee I didnt know you cared*Crackle*

*Crackle* Its not you Im worried about its the ship, thats a quality piece of equipment. Now back to buisness, you know your mission, now go fufill it or it will be your life...*Crackle*

"How did I end up in the Black Paper... my father....Nevertheless its my duty to find out what the AT is up to...
"Isn't this so exciting?!"

Rinn’s enthusiasm was infectious, and Bryn began to feel the strain of the past few hours drain away in the wake of Layrinn’s excitement.

“Why yes, I do suppose it is.” She answers with a genuine smile, and was mildly surprised to realize that it was true. It was exciting to leave the confines of HQ on a new mission. Regardless of the varied amusements that the vast ship they all resided on had to offer, she could never shake the feeling of being penned in after being in residence for a lengthy period of time.

Bryn noticed that Rinn’s glance repeatedly returned to a new armlett she was wearing, and on closer inspection she understood the significance.

“So you’ve decided to throw your lot in with us, have you?” She laughed softly before continuing. “Well I think the Tribe may have gotten the better part of the deal, but none the less, I am glad to have you with us.”

She returned her attention to the rapidly approaching planet, and gave a sudden gasp of dismay as she realized something terrible.

In the rush of preparation she had forgotten to pack her lucky red dress. She contemplated bringing the matter before Claymore, before quickly dismissing the idea entirely. A droid could never possibly understand the importance of a well put together wardrobe, and there was very little chance he would delay the mission to return for it. She sighed and decided she would just have to make do with the black.

How vexing.
*necron unstraps himself from the seat*

I stand stedying myself on the floor of the moving aircraft and looks to each member of the at giveing them a nod and his typical HUmar smirk then he goes and sits in the copiolt seat and starts doing something on the consol*

suddenly the E.T.A clock lights up sowing we are only 10 mins from the drop piont

*necron gets up and speaks*

Alright people lets get ready we will be there in no time and we will probably not recive a very warm welcome from what Harbringer has told us and from Shinobas scouting reports get your gear ready.... and good luck

*necron then goes to checking his own gear*
Harbinger, lost in his thoughts, notices a blinking LED on the threat indicator. He unbuckles his harness and moves to the defense console near his seat. hmm that's funny...where did that come from? He thinks to himself.

"Claymore, we have company, it looks to be a small recon vessel trailing us at 6.84 vector two niner alpha. I suggest we veer off course for a moment while I try to get a transponder ID number." Harbinger activates the wide frequency scanner and runs a diagnostic. The screen strobes and lights up the Fomar's face as it shows a pulsating wave emanating from the Dropship, bouncing back an echo from the unknown vessel. The tiny blip reflects in Harbinger's eyes as he peers at the cascading set of numbers.

"Well, it's not a friendly...I'm taking us to Code Red and charging up the Photon Cannons." The interior of the Dropship darkens for a moment and the emergency lights kick in, illuminating the cabin with a crimson hue. He senses the apprehension in the crew.

"Unknown vessel sighted and targeted, standing by to fire...."
"Threat Confirmed, Accessing Avionic tacticle database... Menuver selected... Executing" With a sudden jerk the left engine switches from full thrust, to full reverse sending the ship into a radical horizontal spin... just as the photon cannons come to bear on the hostile ship, the autonav computer aquires the target and Identifies its origin. None other than the shady hunter Shojin who has been tailing the Tribe for the past few weeks, "Firing Solution Confirmed, Harbinger. Engaging primary Photon cannons." Claymore gives Harbinger an unforgiving look. and after a moment of eternity. he engages the photon cannons. and as soon as he apeared, the unweildly humar is vaporized in an explosion of plasma. Clay' gives Harb a nod and whips the ship back into its proper decent. Then announcing over the intercom: "Threat Eliminated, downgrading alert status.... Apocalypse Preavails!"

"Maybe you should go check on them, harb'."
With the crew secured and the threat gone, Harbinger returns to his seat, keeping an eye on the ever growing planet through the viewscreen. The ship returns to it's trajectory and assumes a descending northerly orbit towards the polar region. Within minutes it breaks the atmosphere and slices through the dense cloud cover, snow capped peaks come into view.

"Claymore, there.." Harbinger points out a high mountain pass, virtually hidden from a casual overlook.

"Just beyond that outcropping is the station, set down behind that escarpment, we will have to climb down."The dropship circles a peak and comes in low to avoid any perceived radar. The ship kicks up a small snowstorm as Claymore pilots it into a narrow ravine. Servos whine and the ship jerks lightly as it sets down, wind howling through the pass. The Fomar unbuckles his harness and checks the proximity scanner.

"It looks like we were unobserved, there's no activity for 3 sectors, outside sensors indicate minus 20 degrees, with a low pressure system advancing. We will have a storm to cover our insertion." He turns to Layrinn, glancing at her outfit.

"Rinn you better grab an overcoat from the gear compartment, it's a bit chilly for shorts." Harbinger smiles slyly as Layrinn peers out the viewscreen.
After a swift descent and landing, the dropship is once again stationary, but by no means without activity. after disconnecting from from the dropships VR interface. the cobalt blue hucast secures the cockpit and follows harbinger through the passenger area and into the weapons bay, where the rest of the current Detachment of the Apocalypse tribe scurry about in last minute preperation. suddenly clay' notices bryn is without her favorite red dress, how can this be? no time to go back for it now... the hucast grabs a pair of Vulcans from the armory, along with his signature five foot sword, then leads the team into the airlock.

"allright, its zero hour. proceed with caution, i will take point possition."

the hucast types in a sequence on the access panel to the airlock, a loud alarm sounds and alarms flood the compartment with red light as the air pressure equalizes and the outer airlock opens. suddenly the harsh polar climate shoots into the airlock like an icy assault on the senses. claymore glances over his shoulder... "Apocalypse shall prevail." on that note the hucast jumps from the airlock onto the icy floor of the revine.

Enviorment Analysis:
Visiblity: 25%
Temperature: 19 Degrees
wind: 84mph

"Looks like we're in for quite the day on the beach, so to speak"

the hucast glances at a point invisible to the naked eye through the whiteout caused by the harsh climate.

Destination Located - lets move!
Layrinn laughs and smiles at Harbinger.

"Aww, it's not that cold... and the snow matches my outfit! Besides... if I get cold, I bet Bryn has room for me in those robes of hers."

Rinn winks at her human friends and bounds off to fall in line behind Claymore... grabbing a coat along the way, anyways... and leaving Harb bewildered and wondering if there is any limit to her enthusiasm.

As she reaches the airlock, Rinn sqeals "Whee-hoo!" and jumps out into the storm, sinking several inches into the snow. The wind catches her hair, sending it streaming out behind her as she makes her way over to where Claymore is waiting. She quickly inspects her weapons, her custom engraved Twin and a suppressed gun, one last time as the others disembark.
*pokes thread*

Somebody post something, dammit...
*Meanwhile, Zorya misses her Rinnzerkins terribly.....*
as the detachment of the apocalypse tribe stand at a safe distance from the unknown facility, the winds harshly envelop the figures like a frozen embrace. the path ahead was fortunately not such terrible terain, never the less a forboding feeling has hung over the mission since the beginning, and it has yet to dissipate...

suddenly the blue hucast at the head of the group points to a spot on the pass.

"Over there. discrepencies in the thermal spectrum, active cloaking devices. its time to go hot, dont expect a warm welcome!"

Clay brandishes his favorite sub machine guns and rushes head first toward the spot he had pointed out. he reaches a large boulder and signals for everyone to move up as he peers around the corner.
*blows the dust off this thread* >.>

Layrinn follows after Claymore at a slower pace, putting some distance between herself and the android. Along the way, she leans over and scoops up a big handful of soft snow, a mischevious grin spreading across her face. She begins to pack the snow into a ball and when she's satisfied with its flightworthyness, she heaves it as hard as she can towards Clay.


The snowball strikes Clay square in the back of the head, exploding into a shower of glittering white dust. A small mound of it is left where it stuck to the cold cobalt blue frame of the mighty android. Rinn closes the rest of the distance to Clay, giggling uncontrolably.

Off in the distance, a lone figure watchs the the blue android and his companion aproach. She, a HUnewearl, clothed in black and sporting a spiky aqua colored hair style, moves to take cover.

As she readys her double cannon, she wonders if these 2 are responsible for deverting her teleportation to this desolate place.

She is ready for the worse...
Claymore pauses for a moment then spins around to address the ever-playful layrinn, but instead of the usual encouragement along the lines of "stay focused on the mission", his tone is much more grave.

"Watch out! energy spike!"

Suddenly a battery of photon cannons decloak and launch a volley of superheated plasma toward the android. dislodging the composite rock beneath his feet, the shockwave sends claymore sliding down the snow-covered mountainside


suddenly the tribe is underfire, without its leader. how can this be?!
c'mon, i know somone has to want to continue this beigebigrazz.gif
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