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Full Version: New FFXI Journal I created
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After I got home from work earlier, I surfed the internet for a while and came across something called Blog. I decided to start me a journal using this log starting with our Shadowlord venture later tonight. Here is a link to my Blog and I hope to add a lot to it in the coming weeks. I'll try to update it twice a week if I don't get too busy. I'm currently making a ton of changes to get the layout just right however. Anyone else who wants to post a comment later about any pics etc, I'll open that part up to the public later.
Cool, keep it up Jei, I would love to read it.
I'll probably look at it every once and a while, so you better make it interesting. guitarist.gif
I have one as well, but not nearly as interesting..
I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and made one this morning... I dunno if I'm gonna keep up with it or not yet though ;x

Smile... Tomorrow will be worse.
Later on if I get the 845 exp I need to wear my AF body and if I dont get too into Silent Hill while I lfp, then I'll update the site with some pics later.
Jumping on the bandwagon hehe:

Just setting it up so I can lay out some goals for myself, instead of logging on aimlessly. Feel free to add me, though!
Emptybox, Made myself a LJ just for gaming, so any gaming info/trivia/funnies I'll post there.... or if I need to rant about someone in a game pirate.gif

and hey I might actually update this one!
Yeah. I have to update mine really soon since a lot has happened, but I've been really busy lately. I may update it pretty soon however. *Edit* I updated my journal today with a post summarizing my last party and how I got to 60. Check it out.
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