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I am so very surprised that no one here has posted anything about this yet! This game is awesome!
The aging process. The tats. The different gear and weapons and spells.
It's been a long time since I have had this much fun in a video game. Does anyone else own it yet?
I have made it past the arena... good times.
We talked a bit about it in the Nimrod "it broke my XBox'' thread...

The game is wonderful...don't listen to people who say they finished the game in 8 -10 hours,they are full of it and even if they did,they missed about 75% of the game,which is the exploring part and the roleplaying many things to do,so many little things that make you smile when you play,the towns are awesome,finding secrets and secret area's is fun...for example,right now i'm not that far in the game but at one point i giggled in front of a girl and she went "wiill you try to kill them with laughter" and now everytime i meet her and her friends,they look at me and giggle,snicker for a few seconds,the lady put their hands over their mouths for a second as they laugh...amazing detail stuff like that,whispers and comments...the more you play the more you love this game...great game.

Right now i'm "disguised" as a bandit probably close to a Boss fight with someone you read about in the books you find in the library's.
I have it, and am pretty far in it. I think my next main quest is the last one, becuase it says if I take it, all my other quest will be gone. So now I'm just exploring more.
Very fun game, with a lot of replay value.

I don't believe you can beat this game in 8-10 hours. Though I suppose you could if you just did the main quests. But if you just did that, what was the point in getting the game. I'm over 20 hours into the game right now.
Yeah, I read that blurb in the other thread but i felt this game deserved better than that. beigesmile.gif

I totally know what you are talking about Riel. I got mad at everyone calling me Chicken Chaser (the default name you are given) so I spent a few gold pieces and now everyone calls me Ranger. Funny how a simple name change can make all the difference. Now that I have been playing for almost eight or so hours and done a few quests (10, I think) successfully, it's a total ego boost when you walk into town and the people stop, turn and start to clap and cheer for you as you walk by. HAHA! Have you guys held up your trophies for a crowd yet? Try it! I've only gotten 14 people to see that giant wasp head, but boy did they cheer!
I agree with both of you guys about the playing time. I think I am about 1/2 way through... I am totally guessing... and I really haven't explored any of the side quests or try to woo some lady or anything. Well, I have done maybe two side quests, but I know there are LOTS more to do. I guess you really could play for a very long if you decided to go a completely side route and go into real estate ro something.
As for replay value... totally. Right now, I am playing it as though it's really me. I am a basically good guy who will steal on occasion, if no one is watching. My hair and skin is getting grey because I do a fair bit of spell casting. I think my good scale is up to 80ish %. I just noticed that I have a slight halo too. Now that's funny. So, for next time, I'm gonna go totally evil. Like full out. Stalk and kill at night... wear the darkest clothes... get some scary face tattoo.... the works.
I would have no problem recommending this game to anyone.
It's a shame I don't own an XBox (ok... not really) cause this game sounds really intriguing. These little commentaries on your adventures thus far have really sparked my interest into playing this game. The graphics are funky and I can imagine the environments must be deeply interactive. Too bad this one didn't go online as previously planned. Perhaps I can sneak my friend's XBox away from him for a few days and rent this sucker.

Btw scu, keep us posted on how your adventures are coming along. I'd like to hear him.
on the evil side -
I couldn't wait for my first game to be finished so I started an "all evil all the time" character. So fun! I punched a little kid for calling me a sissy! I broke up some barrels. I helped some bad guys steal some stuff. I even got fined for breaking a window!
Being evil is fun and all, but it's very hard to get any money. I keep killing the people who ask for my help. beigelaugh.gif So, my weapon and my armour (lack of) are really weak.
It's totally cool to see the facial transformations too! I have only spent a few hours being evil and I've got some serious horns and my eyes are really black!

on the good side -
I to a stage now where the two quests I have are timed ones. I am very bad at timed events. (Yeah, I suck at cmode too) I have tried both quests numerous times and have failed again and again. I know it's because my Hammer isn't strong enough on one quest because it takes me like 10 hits to take down these stupid monsters. i think I might roam the woods looking for bandits so I can beef up my experience and maybe find some more gold to buy a better weapon.
I have also noticed lots and lots of women have little hearts above their heads (even a couple of men have them!). I decided to play with the feature so I really talked one lady up and her heart grew and grew. I think she asked me about a wedding ring, but I was on my way to a quest and didn't want to get totally side tracked. I am going to go back to her and give her a few gifts and see where it goes.
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