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Full Version: New PS2 Design
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Looks like a capsule toy version of a PS2.
The price they have on there is ludicrous. But of course this is pre-order... for the Japanese console.
From what I gathered, the final price for this is $149 (I also found out that the Nintendo DS is the same price).

Anyway, it seems the network adapter is now built-in but this design made it impossible to install the HDD.
Why can't all the consoles have built-in modems =T

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Haha, I'd like to see how long that thing lasts standing on it's side. beigelaugh.gif
QUOTE (DJ_Donkey @ Sep 23 2004, 02:16 PM)
Anyway, it seems the network adapter is now built-in but this design made it impossible to install the HDD.

Well I'm guessing this means HDD support and HDD applications are not going to surface as frequently (if at all) as I hoped. Oh well, at least I'll never need to buy a second memory card. :\

Green font for Retehi. ;p
They may offer an external drive enclosure for the HDD, other wise sony shot them selves in the foot, with out support for it.
After they send FFXI to the world they make a new PS2 with no HHD, that was kind of stupid.
Check out how small and thin that baby is! The PS2 was actually pretty small to begin with, but this is... teeny.
There is no way that Sony would make this new design not have some sort of external connector for the hard drive. There's NO way.
I like the smaller new design, and built in network adaptor is cool, but cutting HDD support was incredibly stupid on Sony's part.
I find that kinda dumb =| why would you buy this if you already have a ps2? Its like getting another gamecube only gold or something...Also I heard Nintendo DS was due 11/29/04 but the games are not due out til 12/07/04 @_@
I showed this to my girlfriend on AIM the other day and she was like "first minivans, then mini-me, and now mini PS2!" I'll admit I kinda like the sleek new design.
Don't you guys remember the PSOne? Genesis 2/3? Redesigned SNES and NES? As technology advances, you can create the same power of console with smaller, more cost effective technology.

Console manufacturers always cut out "unused" expansion ports and such when they make these upgrades. Yes the HDD is integral to FFXI, but in the long run of the PS2 FFXI is not such a big deal, and how many other games actually REQUIRE the HDD?

This product isn't marketed towards people that have a PS2 already, or the hardcore gamer set anyways. Sony already has that market. This is a step toward capturing the market of people who haven't adopted it yet, and a low price+neato design is the perfect way to do it.

Remember, consoles and games are always way more expensive in Japan. This thing will probably be $100 by next year, if it comes out in the US.
stores are scheduled to recieve the PS2 remodel by late october, we'll get it, pre-orders are already underway for the new system O.o
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