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Full Version: Err... I need help.
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So the good news is: I graduate on May 10th.

The bad news is: I lose my uber-fast and already-paid-for Virginia Tech filebox shortly there after.

My pictures and stuff need a home... fast! Do any of you have any suggestions for me? We're only give 30 megabytes of space to work with, so I'm used to dealing with space limitations. I would be looking for something free or very inexpensive that would allow me to host and link to (primarily) pictures. Decent transfer rates and no limits on the amount of data allowed to be transfered per day/week/month would also be nice.

I realize I'm probably not going to get what I'm looking for without paying for it... but I've never even had to look for a place to stash my files before, so I need some help here. Thanks in advance. =D
I may be able to help you. It all depends on how much in byes you expect to transfer per month. I have extra space available on this account and we always have a lot of bandwidth left over at the end of the month. I could offer some space for free but to guarentee that we will not exceed bandwidth I may have to purcahse extras. Now this would not cost much at all, possibly as little as a few dollars per month. I will contact you to discuss this.
try I just started my own account there.
Thanks, AC9. Dive has graciously provided me with access to a bit of his web space, so the problem is solved. After discussing the details of his provider with him, I'll probably eventually get my own account with them.

But no worries for now! Thanks a ton, Dive! king.gif
This may be a little late, but I was talking to Claymore about something similar. I have a FTP server here at home and I do not mind, as I already have to host a web site off it anyways, if you would like to use some of the space. I have over 2gb free...not like anyone would need that space on the drive.

I have, after some work, set up a FTP account for use by people on this board if they wish. I only ask a few things.

First, I only get a max of somewhere around 15kb/sec upload speed on this DSL line so please limit your file sizes otherwise my PSO game will lag like you would not believe. Heh, I tried to host a pretty large (271k) image file for a post on PSOw and it murdered my PSO game...I lagged like you would not believe.

Second, I rarely have problems with my DSL line, but once in a blue moon I will have a problem that either I caused here at home or the dang telephone company screwed with the line. I can not totally guarantee up time of 24/7 but pretty dang close. I have not had problems for months with my line.

Other then that I would be more than happy to lend some space to host files. I would suggest creating a folder with your nick handle and use that. The AT login would be used by everyone so we must trust that others that have access will not mess with your stuff.

I would not be sure who to grant access so I might leave someone like Claymore to decide who has access to upload/delete files and such.

The address, if you wish to check it out, is:

I post many PSO related stuff in the public folder, including my own screen pictures at:
edit: changed above address to avoid confusion because PSO stuff is only in the PSO folder. Although, if you want to see some nice Cockatoo (my bird) pitures you are welcome to browse to the /public folder and check out some of the other stuff.

If you have any questions you may PM or AIM me. You might also find me online in PSO most nights from 10pm until at least midnight PST.
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