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Full Version: I got served!
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So I finally saved up $20 for FFXI CoP. I go and sell 5 games and have enough left over to last me for the rest of the week. I get home install it then get ready to play. I'm sitting there waiting for the POL main menu to show it but it doesn'y come. It just keeps loading and loading and loading. I finally get an error message saying that The server is ether too busy or my connections are not correct. I immediatly run up to my ghetto cpu, and enter command prompt mode.

Type in ipconfig and get the values for my connect all of them show up but one...

connection specifc DNS suffix. The key element to playing online games. So now, im stuck here with a shiney new Cop already installed. Just needeing to be registered and played.


oh, I'm on cable connection. Im using an ethernet router and have everything set to auto configure. Tried rebooting it to, but no avail. Both the router and the modem. Don't know if that helps any.
you didn't get a DNS suffix, yet a gateway was being detected?
Check your setting on the computer and make sure you have the auto-detect settings.
Power cycle the modem and pray.
Run IPconfig again.
This fixed a similar problem i was having this week with teh cable.

I powered cycled the modem and router and it seemed to have worked. I can now play Resident Evil Outbreak and and PSO. But I'm still haviing problems with FFXI. For some reason it doesn't seem to be able my "friend list" and just stays there intill I get an error message. I then retry again and It just keeps loading and get one of two error messages. 0003 that says my Play Online Certificate is having truoble being validated Or POL-Error 1300 which says that the server is ether too busy or my connections are wrong. This is frustrating to the 3rd power. bash.gif

Im gonna see if there is a way I could complain to Squenix. Could as it seems sevral people in my area seem to be experienceing the same problem too.

*-EDIT> Also I thought maybe it something wrong with my POL. So I just reinstalled POL. So as I log in I have to download everything again from the updates. But eveytime its almost done downloading I get an error message and have to restart the damn thing again.

From what I read at POL website alot of people where affected by this too. They said they fixed the problem but I don't know that since I still have to redownload everything again.
I don't know how many care but this seems to be a Northeastern problem. Apperantly Thousands of people are unable to access POL due to the same problem I have. It just keeps loading at the menu screen and doesn't give the main menu so as to select the game.

It also seems that this is only affecting people who use the Cablevision service of "Optimum Online". There is also a running thread at Allakazam that seems to be increasing at 100posts per minute. From what I gathered at that thread it seems to be an issue of conflicting hardware between Optimum Online and Play Online. Something about the patch for the freindlists plus function. I can play Resident Evil Outbreak and PSO, but not FFXI. So in short, I got served. Wasted 20 bucks on a game a can't play rather then getting Monster Hunter. =/

Oh well, Guess I'm sure to not miss out on the presidental debate today. I hope everyone else watches them too. megaman-run.gif
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