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So profesional of me, I know. beigebigrazz.gif

But I just had to. evilking.gif
So yea.
I was slaying dinosaurs and stuff.
It was eating grass.
I felt guilty.

On another note: I can't get this stupid Wyvern egg back to camp =(
Its funny how your character runs from the wyvern though.
Even funnier how he carries the egg.
Yet you haven't even played this game.... or have you?
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Sep 28 2004, 06:31 PM)
Yet you haven't even played this game.... or have you?

I rented it, even though I don't have a PS2.

I just feel silly today. pirate.gif
I'll mail you my PS2.

Anyhow, yay for a subforum. :D
Welcome to the Monster Hunter sub-forum!! beigebigeek.gif

oh am I late?

We need some MH smileys now. beigebiggrin.gif
lol DJ i just finished that quest,barely,i fell unconscious once and then i was kind of lucky and made it through with him appearing in 2 area's while i was's good to have a full stamina meter for this one and a little luck.

We forgive you Sgt. now you have to find Monster Hunter smileys beigelaugh.gif
Yay for the sub forum, I wish I could get more hours in this game. But I don't have time, I hope I'm not holding you guys back when i play with you.
Thank you Dive! guitarist.gif
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