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Full Version: MH: Cephadrome...
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Anyone have any clue where it goes when it runs? I just attempted the quest for the 6th time, well prepared (used barrel bombs on him, brought 10 sonics, well-steaks, whetstones, and an extra cool drink) got him close to death, ran back to the hut to get those last 2 sonics and when I went back, he was gone. I ran back and forth and all around areas 2 and 7 and I could not find him. This is rather frustrating because it's a pain first off to get him out of the ground and when I finally have him, I can't find him (I know I should have painted him). He's a bit tough with a hammer because of the sluggishness between swings and his hit everything no matter how far away it is tail swipe. >_< (and no I'm not going to use a greatsword) Where the crap could he possibly go besides 2 and 7?

This bastid makes me wanna abandon the offline experience all-together. beigebigrazz.gif

EDIT: Oops, think I spelled his name wrong. It should be Cephadrome. ^^;

EDIT AGAIN: JUST beat him. I don't wanna spoil the quest for anyone, but I found out where he retreats afterall. I had to switch back to Lance to beat him, so it took alot of patience, but in the end, the punk ass was slain. Ahhh, the feeling of victory is good. beigesmile.gif
Way to go bro! Is that the gateway to the 4-star offline quests?
QUOTE (DarkEpyon @ Sep 29 2004, 08:53 AM)
Way to go bro! Is that the gateway to the 4-star offline quests?

Yes it is. I'm sure with a Two-Handed Sword and a healthy supply of Sonic Bombs, he's not so difficult to fight. However, it's just a friggin nightmare with a hammer, since you have that huge delay of picking the weapon back up after the combo and after doing the charged swing, which leaves you open to the oh so nasty tail swipe. beigebigrazz.gif
Boy am I glad I had an upgraded Lance. beigelaugh.gif Though, I won't truly feel justified until I beat him with a hammer weapon.
Ha I beat this guy with only 3 sonic bombs beigeroll.gif
*kisses Iron Katana "Grace"*
But I did die once =(
I just hate it when you have to worry about the other monsters.
I actually did this on my first try to the other day =o A great sword really does own this thing (used my Dragon Agito) and I took some potions and a few mega potions and some sonic bombs. Probably a good idea to take out the other sand wyverns first.
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