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Full Version: Weapon Upgrades
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I just made a Twin Dagger set so I will post the upgrade chart.

Hunters Knife --> Hunters Knife+ --> Hunters Dagger --> Hunters Dagger+ --> Assassin's Dagger --> Twin Dagger

At Hunters Knife+ you will get the option to either make the Hunter's Dagger or a Serpent Bite. The Dagger will get you on the path to Twin. Then at Assassin's Dagger, you will get two options once again. Twin Dagger or Poison Axe. Upgrade to Twin Dagger and you will be able to dual wield the daggers, which look very badass. I have taken it as far as Twin Daggers+, and now have the option to make it a Hurricane set. Just need some more materials.
QUOTE (SaitoH @ Sep 30 2004, 08:22 AM)
I didn't care for the twin daggers that much. I couldn't make hurricane, so maybe my opinion will change but they seem waaaay underpowered (I know they need to be upgraded), but the assassin SS was so nice.

Did you try it with the R1 "powerup"? This gives you a rapid succession of attacks, dealing out much more damage with a cost of rapid Stamina depletion. I agree as well though that it does feel underpowered, and I hope to upgrade it very soon.
Split these posts from the Item Combinations listing. I suppose we'll sticky this if we make some further additions.
Heres just the weapon I have now, Ill find out what the other one I have is later
Agito-->Agito+-->Dragon Agito-->Golem Blade OR Redwing
to my knowledge on twin blade types, no weapons attack breaks 300, i have to double check that, but they never get very powerful.
I made Cutlass blades today. Need some more materials to make Cutlass+ but it seems pretty nice. +1 to defense (+2 for Cutlass+ )and water damage. Though I have no idea how much water damage ...

Anyway, they look pretty damn spiffy.


It went Bone Kris ---> Bone Kris+ --> Bone Pick --> Bone Pick+ --> Cutlass --> Cutlass+

Iron Hammer series
Iron Hammer --> Iron Hammer+ --> War Hammer --> branches to A) B) or C)
-A) Bone Axe --> Bone Axe+ --> Bone Broadaxe
-B) War Hammer+ --> War Mace --> Iron Striker --> Iron Striker+ --> Iron Impact --> Iron Impact+
-C) Spiked Hammer --> Spiked Hammer+ --> Shell Hammer --> Graviton Hammer

Bone Hammer series
Bone Hammer --> Bone Hammer+ --> branches to A) or B)
-A) Diablo Hammer --> Diablo Hammer+ --> Diablo Maul --> Finishing Hammer
-B) Cyclo-Hammer --> Cyclo-Hammer+ --> Atlas Hammer --> branches to i.) or ii.)
---i.) Skullcrusher --> Skullcrusher+ --> Kut Ku Chin --> Kut Ku Jaw
---ii.) Jail Hammer --> Jail Hammer+ --> Prison Hammer --> Binder Mace

Iron Lance series
Iron Lance --> Iron Lance+ --> branches to A) or B)
-A) Knight Lance --> Knight Lance + --> Knight Spear --> Paladin Lance --> Paladin Lance+ --> Rampart --> Babel Spear
-B) Bone Javelin --> Bone Javelin+ --> Spiked Spear

Bone Lance series
Bone Lance --> Bone Lance+ --> branches to A) or B)
-A) Red Tail --> Red Tail+ --> Hellfire --> Spear of Prominence
-B) Longhorn --> Longhorn+ --> Long Tusk --> branches to i.) or ii.)
---i.) Barbarian Tusk --> Barbarian Tusk+ --> Barbaroi Tusk --> Ogre Tusk
---ii.) Crimson Lance --> Crimson War Pike

I just got these off some charts from a person's website. I was gonna add the Great Sword info in but the bandwidth got exceeded. Damn Geocities. >.<;;
I upgraded my sword to a Golem Blade cuz I didn't feel like getting the Rathalost stuff =P
Agito-->Agito+-->Dragon Agito-->Golem Blade OR Redwing (Golem Blade)-->Golem Blade +
Also I decided to get a crystal hammer the other night =o
Crystal Hammer-->Crystal Nova
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