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Full Version: Hiya
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Hello everyone, I heard about this site from shoties forum and Ive heard that your a good pso community, and ive been lookin for one so here i am spinning.gif .

I also look forward to joining your guild. (for some that might know me my previous names were Shojin at Shoties and POL and Zalure at

Edit: (Ive also noticed that the only class you dont have avatars of is fonewm [me fav class] beigesigh.gif )
Welcome Eclipse/Shojin/Zalure! beigebigrazz.gif Don't you know Gungrave? ;) Anyhow, hope you enjoy your stay.

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Woo hoo! More people to play with! Always a good thing. =)

Welcome aboard, mate. beigesmile.gif
Hi there and welcome to the realm of apocalypse.

as for joining the Guild see the "ATTN: new members" thread.
Hi there, and welcome to the AT boards. beigesmile.gif

I am assuming you are on GC PSO, have I met any of your characters?
Hey hey welcome aboard matey! *has a dozen tomatos thrown at him*

Enjoy your stay man, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. beigesmile.gif
hey its Eclipse. *Cheers Music starts to play*

*slides Eclipse a beer*
Welcome Eclipse, I'm glad you found us. wassup.gif

QUOTE (Eclipse @ Apr 23 2003, 09:47 AM)
Edit: (Ive also noticed that the only class you dont have avatars of is fonewm [me fav class]  )

D'OH! beigebigeek.gif

I will find some very soon, cool? king.gif
Thanks all, yes i have gc pso and yah i know gungrave we live close to eachother, I sometimes go over to his house shades.gif

My chars on Gc pso are
(Eclipse} - Fonewm, Yellowboze
(Shojin) - Humar, Redria

Unfourtanetly my credit card expired and it will be a little bit till i can renew my HL cry2.gif

But as soon as i get back on I hope to meet some of you in the guild

Ill check that post thanks for the welcome wassup.gif
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